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Web Information Sentiment Data and Opinion Miner

  • Francisco Gindre
  • Ezequiel Gorbatik

Create a solution that provides a dynamic sentiment analysis of web data corpuses by applying Computational and Statistical linguistics techniques

State: In development

Project age: since june 2013

Technical Description

The WISDOM Engine analyses web content from a list of base URLs and Keywords. Knowledge is gathered dynamically by crawling the web and generating concepts from linked data. WISDOM Engine generates a WISDOM Graph of words and concepts that relate to the crawled web sites. The WISDOM Graph relates to a set of web sites that are related to the initial keywords. Those websites can be analysed by the WISDOM Engine to analyse sentiments, opinions and trends.

Theoretical aspects applied:

Natural Language Processing 

Segment vectorization

Semantic distances

Fuzzy clustering

Dynamic Concept and knowledge representation

Computational and Statistical Linguistics

Vector & Matrix Space Model

Opinion trending prediction

Implementations aspects:

·      WISDOM Engine Application (on development)

·      SaaS