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Proyect in collaboration with IEEE USS Peru
-D. López De Luise
-P. Pescio
-B. Saad
-C. Alvarez
-A. Pascal

To perform a fluid and flexible interchange of regulations and bulaws with any existing sistem through a natural language processing and a chatterbot.

Collect and organize al the information of an organization related to bylaws and regulations

Advice, measure and predict legal events.
Institutions are frequently overwelmed by regulations and past descisions related to bylaws. In the specific case of Universities there are many questions and events that require legal knowledgment

The team is organized in 2 groups

UADER (Argentina)
Goal: the chatterbot and Expert System

Universidad Señor del Sipán
Goal: QA and debugging. Beta testing.

Team Lead
The Biotech project is lead by PhD. María Daniela López de Luise, specialist in Computational Linguistics and Director of the CI2S Labs with more that 10 years of experience in linguistic reasoning.

The Team:
Our team is composed by engineers, programmers, mathematicians, speech therapists, linguists and students.