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Museum of ancient engines.

Founding members MIDA:
  • D. López de Luise
  • N. Borromeo
  • L. Dima
  • E. De Leo
  • Antú Marin
  • Federico José Abella
  • Nahuel Cellario
  • D. López de Luise
  • A. Zambrano
  • E. Vargas Ligareto
  • E. Ruiz
  • F. Soruco
  • L. Vicente Flores
  • M. Bravo
  • P. Inoccenti
  • P. Anguera
  • F. Silva
  • F. Duvergel

Goal MIDA: teach principles in physics/ chemistry/ mechanic/ mathematics/ electronic/ electricity among others

Goal LEARNITRON: define multimedia approaches for improving Engineering teaching. It aims to improve abstraction by training.

State: deploy

Project age for MIDA: since June 2013
Project age for LEARNITRON: since november 2013

Some of the suitable implementations are:
  • teaching of abstract subjects in Engineering
  • promotion of Engineering careers
  • creativity fostering
MIDA on the media: