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Holograms as devices

HoloTech project attempts to make a system that will act like the eyes for blind people. Using the current hardware technology, image processing, computational science to build a useful tool that will detect in real time the different obstacles in front of the person using the tool (Blind) and warning from where it is coming

Benefits for society:
The project aims is to help blinds people to be more auto dependent and be easier to integrate in the society without complex learning or additional help. Helping them to gain a better lifestyle and independence and less concern from their families.

Current Status
What we have organised so far is:
Implementing the different mechanism to analyse image in real time, the hardware specification that will be composed with a smartphone and ultrasonic sensor and data analysis using a neuronal network.
We are currently in process to make a prototype.

Project age: since March, 2013

to implement a lightweight device for helping blind people to walk with a reduced collision risk.