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(Augmented Reality for Autism)


ARA aims to help train the ability of generate abstract concepts with a low cost, non-invasive technology (cell phone and/or tablet).

We understand abstract thinking as the ability to group things under the same categories. For example: Thinks= {green apple, red apple}, Abstract category= Apples.

This training in the long term will be helpful to increase the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) persons communication skills.

GoalThis application is for people diagnosed with ASD (any severity).

Benefits for the society: 

The project will benefit to the society in order to give independence to ASD people, integration and a better lifestyle for them and their families. The integration will allow also to recover these patients to be reinserted in the economy and society.

Current Status:

We arranged with all the members of the team a friendly way for implement the application using the Augmented Reality merged with mobile technology (phones and tablets) to accomplish our project goal, we are in the process of deploying a first beta prototype.

A short introduction to the proyect (Spanish) is below

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Started: March 2014
  • D. López De Luise
  • L. Isoba
  • E. Menendez

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2 sept 2016, 16:57