IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technologies Argentina

Autonomous mobile robot for disaster zone assitance. The project aims to provide help to people in a disaster area (earthquake, flood, hurricanes, etc.)
The technology of codelts combined with bacteria in a lightweight controller for taking complex decisions.

To organize an interdisciplinary team with professionals and scientists from healthcare and engineering focused on Autism.
Design electronic devices and software systems to create a meta-language and model linguistic reasoning of autistic patients. The team will use Morphosyntactic Wavelets.

Design advanced treatments and diagnosis techniques for Autism, based on software and hardware solutions. read more

ARA aims to help train the ability of generate abstract concepts with a low cost, non-invasive technology (cell phone and/or tablet).
We understand abstract thinking as the ability to group things under the same categories. For example: Thinks= {green apple, red apple}, Abstract category= Apples.
This training in the long term will be helpful to increase the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) persons communication skills. read more


HoloTech project attempts to make a system that will act like the eyes for blind people. Using the current hardware technology, image processing, computational science to build a useful tool that will detect in real time the different obstacles in front of the person using the tool (Blind) and warning from where it is coming. read more

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