is our new area of ​​scientific consultancy services specializing


Promote activities related to research and development of intelligent systems and the training of highly specialized human resources.

Consulting Services:

-To Train students:
Addressed to: undergraduate student, graduate specialties.
Classes may be actual or virtual according to need and requirement.

-To Train teachers:
To give teachers useful tools to participate in a research project, a training course that allows them to coordinate their know-how and generate research topics proposed.

Graduate Studies:
You can generate postgraduate courses certified by CI2S Labs and IEEE Argentina, within an institution or in our training spaces. In all cases they will be directly related topics Computational Intelligence, central axis of CI2S Lab.

-Training Human Resources:
In some academic or business institutions there is a need to insert a research group within the regular activities based on non-scientific professionals and technicians. In order to insert and assist in the first steps, CI2S Consulting offers special training and tasks:
-Relevamiento Needs.
-Relevamiento Resource.
-Relevamiento Target profiles.
-Relevamiento Of profiles.
-generation Action plan.
-generation Plan technical and scientific training.
-derivation Some training topics.
-generation The initial group seed.
-Startup Group.

-Offer Human Resources:
Our experience in the development and research of new technologies and the Multi-disciplinary activity generated within the open projects Humanitarian Technology,
It makes our professionals a unique value-added professional development.
Within the department CI2S Consulting have a large database of highly qualified professionals, specialized in their field with extensive experience in research and development.

-Generate Papers / Books:
When the participation of a partner in the group guideline is intended to be generated scientific and technical publications appropriate level achieving the desired number of publications.
Tutoring CI2S Consulting offers a context, where we will develop:
-Review Style
-Idiomática (English / Spanish)
statistical and technical -Validation.
thus ensuring success in each publication.

-Create Functional prototypes:

Define and plan adequately the development of theoretical or functional prototypes or beta versions, from the raise of requirements to the Pre condition - Productive.

In many races graduate degree students / graduate fail to cross the fence that represents the thesis. CI2S Consulting offers personalized tracking tesistas to reach the completion and defense of his thesis.
open to institutions and to individual students who have this need service.

-Training courses:
On topics related to computer intelligence:
-Big Data
-Data Mining
-Business Intelligence
-Artificial intelligence
-Natural language
-Sentiment analysis
Learning -Deep
-Informatic security

-An Organization of scientific events:
Depending on the activities of their own or related research, it is possible to define and organize workshops, seminars, panels and lectures, where the progress made are displayed.


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