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Chu Xinqi, Ethan

Email: chu36 'AT'

Research Interests
Applications areas:

Computational Imaging
High dimensional signal processing
Internet vision
Multimodal human-computer interaction

Image-based rendering


Bayesian statistics,  Information theory, Linear and non-linear optimization, Approximation theory
Computational harmonic analysis

Mr. Chu Xinqi graduated in July 2009 with First Class Honors (B.Eng) and Minor in Mathematics respectively
from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and School of Physics and Mathematical Sciences of Nanyang Technological Univerisity.
He was awarded A*STAR Overseas Graduate Scholarship in 2009 to study at ECE department in
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under supervision of Prof. Thomas S. Huang.

He is also affiliated with the Advanced Digital Sciences Center and National University of Singapore.

Mentors (Chronological): Chan Kap Luk, Li Liyuan, Shuicheng Yan, Tian Tsong Ng, Thomas S. Huang