Four Strings of Faith

'In uke we trust' TUSC 10:3

Cliff Came to Save You!

 'Praise be to our  Saviour Cliff who played ukulele to save us all'

Arthur 8:25

Ten Commandments of Uke

The path of the righteous

1. Thou shalt tiptoe through the tulips and lean on every lamp post, lest it always turn out nice again.

2. Blessed are the soprano players for they are true keepers of the faith.

3.  Thou shalt only play ukuleles with friction tuners for ears are an abomination. 

4.  Thou shalt not covert thy neighbour's ukulele, unless it be a mint 1927 Style 3, for blessed are the Martins*.

5.  Thou shalt tune your uke every time you play it.

6. Thou shalt not play false ukuleles made of plywood; neither shall you play with pick or strap.

7.  Thou shalt smite those who would call the ukulele a small guitar.

8. Thou shalt only play acoustically, blessed are those who play without amplification.

9.    Thou shalt not consider your cover of a pop song ironic.

10. Thou shalt practice before recording a song and posting it on You Tube.

*Pre 1970 only.

Meet The Clergy 


Reverend Nipper

Archbishop of Uke


 Reverend T.

Bishop of
Sister Nina

 "Verily, it meaneth naught lest it hath that swing."  -- Sister Nina