Welcome to my personal website. This site is intended as a place to post inspiring biblical material and to support two churches that I fellowship with

Both congregations are very friendly and sincere in their desire to obey God and to love their fellow man.

The Austin and Central Texas Churches of God meet on Saturday and observe the Seventh Day Sabbath. 

The Sabbath sounds overbearing and offbeat but the Sabbath is very important to God, and is a day of miracles, healing and hope for man! Jesus observed it!  The apostle Paul clearly states that there is a sabbath rest for Christians today, and Isaiah prophesied all mankind will observe the Sabbath in the future.

The Austin and Central Texas Churches of God are also non-hierarchical and while there are members that serve as elders there are no ministers. There are rotating speakers and teachers so if you visit the congregation you will hear a variety of viewpoints and sometimes lively debates about the meaning of scripture.  I have found the interaction to be inspiring and uplifting.

What do we believe? 

  • the Bible is inspired by God and that
  • Jesus is our savior. 

What are we striving for?

  • To have an attitude similar to that of the noble Bereans
  • To obey and truly model our lives after Jesus Christ

What is our Mission?

  • To be a refuge from this world
  • To comfort and instruct those who God calls
  • To proclaim in humility and love the word of God
  • To love God and our fellow man with all our hearts
  • To be "Sola Scriptura", that is by scripture alone

Although many churches claim to be "Sola Scripture" the truth is to be truly "Sola Scriptura" is a greater challenge than most people realize.  Sadly we all have accepted human traditions and illogical interpretations even when they clearly contradict the plain meaning of scripture. 

Many ministers when confronted with a church teaching or belief that clearly contradicts the Bible will provide a lame explanation that has been taught for generations by their denomination. 

In private they will often admit that the explanation does not make sense but they cannot publicly admit to the members of their church that they have been wrong for so long.

It is time that changed.

I hope that you find material that will inspire you in your walk with God.

I also hope you will consider visiting and becoming a friend of the Austin and Central Texas Churches of God.

Many blessings to you,

Dr. Richard Griffith

Dear Friends

The intent of this web site is to communicate inspiring biblical material. 

On this page I am going to continually post material from various sources on inspiring biblical topics:

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