My Dear Friends,

          I have been unable to find adequate words to describe completely the way I feel as I send this out to all of you.  Sorrow, regret, and loss are a few, but nowhere near all the emotions I fell.
Due to the low numbers of people who have been able to participate in the retreat for the last two years and the rising cost of camp rental, we will not longer be able to continue on with the retreats.
          I want to thank every single one of you who, in your own unique way, have chosen to bless us with your participation.  I have always said that I feel like I benefit from the reward of seeing the bonds that have been formed through the retreat as much as anyone, if not more.  I still feel that way.
          This has not been an easy decision to make.  However, I have been in touch with the others who have been helping do the work with the retreat, and we all agree that with all the factors that are involved, this is the only right decision to be made.
          Many of you have come from great distances.  Many were already sacrificing in order to be able to afford the retreat.  I truly do, greatly appreciate the dedication and commitment that you have given to this work.
          I would like to ask all of you to stay in touch with the friends you have made.  Remember that, even though your walk as a single Christian may be difficult at times, never lose focus to the FACT that you CAN make a difference in this world.  Keep your eyes and hearts open to the opportunities that God sends your way.  CHOOSE to put your hands and hearts to the work and rise to the challenge.

We Love in Christian Love,
Bill and Cathy