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A Microsoft Access Application for Mid-size to Small Churches.

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Download CMSS here.

Church Management Software Solutions

CMSS is a high performance, free Software Solution for Small to Mid-size Churches. It is designed to be easy to use and simple to learn.

A free Version of CMSS Membership Beta is available to any Church.  We want to allow you to use CMSS free of charge as a part of our ministry.  

How can I offer this software free?  I have a ministry as a pastor of a church, so I can afford to offer my software to use free of charge.  As I add more features, I will be able to continue this if I get enough traffic to my web pages.

FREE--CMSS was designed by a pastor who understands that many churches cannot afford to purchase expensive software with features they will seldom or never use. That is why you can download CMSS at no cost. 

Unique Time-saving Features--CMSS was designed by a Pastor with over 20 years of ministry experience.  You will find time saving features such as Ministry Needs which lists the needs of individual members and allows you to rank them according to urgency.  Instantly print these needs on individual pages or in lists as you need.

Church Finances--When completed, Church Accounts and Contribution tracking will keep you informed and save time.  This makes annual Contribution Statements and Line Item Financial Reports a breeze to print.  You can instanly check the balance of any account.

Custom Help--Just press F1 for context sensitive help.  Whether you are a computer novice or expert, everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Support--We offer free email support, and phone support at a reasonable rate.  BTW, please help us make CMSS better by reporting any bugs.

Upgrades--Upgrades will be made available as CMSS will continue to be developed and improved.

Visit our Main Site to download the free software.