Training Programs

General qualifications for the office are presented in the CRC Church Order Supplement, Article 23a. Individuals, ministries and classes are encouraged to develop a learning plan for each potential Ministry Associate, based on this Church Order document.  The Candidacy Committee has a section of their web site devoted to displaying material that may be helpful toward that end. Go to

The following organizations have training programs that may be useful for those preparing to be a ministry associate.  These organizations can function as a resource for a classis Leadership Development Network (LDN) or they can fill a need for those ministries and persons whose classis does not have an LDN. 

1. Church Leadership Center  (CLC)
CLC uses mentoring and online resources. The group has a cooperative relationship with the Reformed Church in America, our sister denomination, for Commissioned Pastor training. It has a highly relational, technology friendly, contextually relevant, and personalized approach for those who want to be Ministry Associates.  You can look at the following web sites: and

Contact for assistance:
Burt D. Braunius, Ph.D.
President, Church Leadership Center
Coordinator of Commissioned Pastor Program, Synod of the Great Lakes, RCA or

2. The Timothy Institute
The Timothy Leadership Training Institute (TLTI) is a CRC sponsored ministry that trains and equips pastors, lay leaders, and evangelists around the world for church self-sustainability. Last year alone, about 10,000 participated in their trainings. TLTI is now receiving many requests for trainings in North America, and therefore is committed to expanding the number of trainings in the U.S. and Canada.  You can look at the following web site:

  • Contact for assistance:
  • Julie Baker
  • Regional Director for North America
3. Christian Leaders Institute  (CLI)
Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) brings you online ministry training as an alternative to accredited residential seminary. You stay connected to a local mentor or pastor for local ministry experience. The CLI ministry training certificate or diploma may be useful for Ministry Associate training.  CLI’sr eagerness to be of service to the CRC is demonstrated by their advertisements in The Banner. Students at Christian Leaders Institute who wish to pursue further studies at Calvin Seminary can take classes at CLI that will help them test out of some requirements, earning course credit, and gaining advanced standing. You can look at the following web site:

Contact for assistance:
Rev. Henry Reyenga 

4. Calvin Theological Seminary
Our denominational seminary has developed a number of certificate and diploma programs intended to serve the church with training options beyond their traditional degree offerings.  A number of courses are available in the evenings.  Certificate and diploma programs may soon be available online.  You can look at the following web site and search for “certificate programs” or “diploma for ministry”:

Contact for assistance:
Matt Cooke, Director of Admissions

Suggestions of other training programs may be made to the CRC Director of Candidacy, Rev David Koll,  You are also welcome to contact Rev. Koll with questions regarding any organization on this list.  Information on this page is take from the Ministry Associate Handbook. To view the Handbook, click here.