2014 Sokabe Sunday

On March 23, 2014, Hilo Coast United Church of Christ celebrated the 120th anniversary of Reverend Shiro Sokabe's arrival in Honomu.

Special guests from our sister church, Fukuoka Kego Church in
Kyushu, Japan included Reverend Hiroyoshi Nishioka, the current pastor of Kego Church; Mrs. Nobuko Arakawa; Mr. Takeshi and Mieko Ito; Mr. Yoshitaro and Aiko Oshima; and Dr. Masaki and Keiko Moriyama. Amy Sakuma, a member of the 2005 Sokabe Mission, was also present.

Mrs. Arakawa performed a special dance during the service, and specially chosen stones from Japan and Hawaii were exchanged as a symbol of our enduring friendship.

Reverend Sokabe was born in Fukuoka City where he spent much of his early childhood. His mother, Yone Sokabe, was a charter member of Kego Church.

Sokabe Sunday 2014