Sokabe Mission Fellowship

The delegates of the Sokabe Mission Fellowship were presented with stoles which represent the servanthood taught by Christ when Christ took a towel to wash the feet of his disciples. These Hawaiian print stoles were made by fellowship delegate Jean Higaki.

The Sokabe Mission Fellowship last traveled to Japan in September 2010 to visit our sister church and areas where Reverend Sokabe spent his early days.

The fellowship's first stop was Kego Church in Fukuoka City on Kyushu, a Christian church in the community where Reverend Sokabe was born.

A special visit was made to the Hiroshima Peace Park memorial site where the delegates left 1,000 paper cranes folded by our congregation.

The group stopped at Imabari Church on Shikoku Island which is where Reverend Sokabe was baptized.

A visit was also made in Kyoto at the Doshisha University, the first Christian University in Japan where Reverend Sokabe received his training prior to being called to mission work in Honomu.

Hawaiian koa wood crosses made by Tsukasa Ishii were  presented to each of the three churches visited by the fellowship.

The delegates traveled to Fujioka City, north of Japan, to participate in Sunday worship at our Japanese sister church, Midono Church which is led by Reverend Motomichi Fujita.

The Sokabe Mission Fellowship returned with a better understanding of the historic development of the Christian Church in Japan, as well as Reverend Sokabe's native roots.