Our Church Photo History

1 - The original school and orphanage was across the road from our modern-day campus.  That site later became the present day Honomu Gym.

2 - Shiro and Shika Sokabe 
Reverend Sokabe overcame poverty and prejudice to raise hundreds of plantation children, teaching them about Jesus and how to fit into the community. His ministry began only a few years after Hawai'i was annexed by the United States.

Shika Sokabe was trained as a nurse at Doshisha University.
She served as co-manager of the school and dormitory in Honomu and became a mother figure for many of the children.

- The school had sports teams, martial arts classes, and a band. Music programs and student plays were supported by neighbors and parents in the community.

4 - The old meeting hall also served as an auditorium. The students' presentation of the story of Noah and the Ark was a memorable one. Plantation workers built a flume to provide the special effects of torrential rains and a great flood. The next day, the audience's and students' clothing could be seen drying on clothes lines in the yards around Honomu and at the school.

5 - In the early years of his mission work, Reverend Sokabe would walk the entire island in his Waraji (straw sandals) to visit churches in Hilo and other areas in order to raise funds to feed the children in his care. His sandals are now on display in Honolulu at the Bishop Museum.

6 - Group photo taken in 1940 in front of the old meeting hall. Termite damage eventually made the hall and the old parsonage too dangerous to keep. Today, there is a red cinder overflow parking area where the meeting hall once stood.

7 - Church photo in front of the meeting hall that was our chapel (taken mid-1980's)

8 - Church photo in front of the new chapel today

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