The Rise of the Non Denominational Church in US

Non denominational church is not part of any denomination like Catholic Church, church of Christ, Baptist church and Methodist. Denominational church is the organization of church who keeps some authority over church. Non denominational churches hold lots of name along with wide people of faith. These are the people who do not believe in any catholic, community church, Southern Baptist and Roman Catholic Church.

These people do not believe to find a church for him or her. Because they believe in the Bible Act and  its really truth that When we read  the Bible, the evidence points for each church is self-governing and answerable directly to God Himself not with the help of church . In the Bible of Acts, when we read of the first missionary journeys and the establishment of many churches, there is not a single point indicates the hierarchy of authority beyond the local elders of the church.

Few people believe in Jerusalem council in Acts 15 as a pattern for denominational structure. In starting days of churches were handled by elders and they committed to Lord Prayers and fasting for them who believed after that Paul came into existence.


The measure of all church is not how they build up and structured or inside or outside of denomination but how adheres to the teachings of the Word of God. The Orthodox community of Australia based sates Melbourne and Victoria is basically a nonprofit organization also called The Greek Orthodox Christianity community.