Orthodox Christianity – How do I Find a Church

Orthodox Christianity is a collective term for the Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodoxy. These branches of Christianity use the term “Orthodoxy” to express either belief to have an unbroken connection to the faith, doctrine and practices of the ancient Christian Church. These two branches are the Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodoxy use the original form of the Nicene Creed developed at the first council of the Constantinople in 381, referred to as the Niceno- Constantinopolitan creed.

Orthodoxy and Catholicism were both part of the same global entity during the first millennium of Christianity existence. For the first thousand years of its existence, the Easter and the western bishops met together during council to make decisions about doctrine. The word ‘true belief’ is an apt word for describing this denomination whose history like the Romans Catholic Church, stretches back to the apostles and ultimately Christ himself.

The community church movement is an ecumenical movement that seeks to unite Christian denominations and break down Christian divisions through community. The origins of the movement began in America out of a need rather than out of ideological motivation. Often, small rural communities did not have the resources to support different denominational churches.