1) Feedback on AGM and Remembrance Sunday

All agreed that Dr Jenny Taylor was a well informed and thought provoking speaker. The issues she raised deserve far more debate and consideration than there was time for. The Remembrance Sunday event was well attended, but audibility was an issue - any speaker must be made to use a hand held mike.

2) Christmas plans, including leaflet

Jane Holmes is compiling a CTAH Christmas Leaflet. Action All – reply promptly to Sarah’s request for service details. Christmas in the Square is on Sunday 14 December. There are several components to the day e.g. nativity play, Gospel Choir, procession from All Saints at 11.45-ish. Sarah Pain at All Saints is in contact with Sarah Burley. Duncan hopes there might be an opportunity for some Christian input e.g a bible reading, and will talk with Sarah. Action Ann P- to give Sarah Pain’s contact details to Duncan

3) Looking ahead to 2015

All agreed we had enjoyed some good speakers this year. Gareth’s suggestion of Andy Dipper (Director of Christian Solidarity Worldwide) as a possible future speaker was well received. Another possibility would be to explore a particular moral issue, explaining how we arrive at our own view. Ann P reminded people of the need for more lay involvement, with time to explore this in Forum meetings. Jenny suggested a purely social evening, Duncan small group discussions following a speaker, and Anne W a Songs of Praise type service followed by social time.
Action All – fix dates well in advance, including ministers’ meetings. 

4) AOB

Jenny reminded us of Hampton Hill’s 50th Anniversary Christmas Parade on Friday 28 November and the wish for clergy to join the procession at 5.30pm for about an hour. We all agreed a banner or individual placards were needed to say who we are. Ann P said that Paul Danon is now helping her and would like to use the CTAH website to display the constitution, events, minutes etc. All agreed that minutes could go online. Ann P mentioned John Latham’s Financial Report. Annual subs of £50 are owed by the Methodists, Baptists, URC, St Francis de Sales, St Theodore’s, and St Richard’s. Duncan mentioned an Eastern Easter pilgrimage to Jordan and will circulate the information.

  • Mon 19 January, 10.30am at the United Reformed Church in Hampton Hill
  • Tue 24 March, 10.30am 
  • Wed 13 May, 10.30am at St Theodore’s (tbc)