Notes from the meeting held on Tuesday 19 January 2016 at the URC.

Minutes/matters arising
The carol service at Marling Court was well attended
There was no CTaH presence at the Hampton Hill Christmas event

Housing Refugees
No action needed at present

Food Bank –
plenty of volunteers and also food – some is nearing its ‘best before’ date
Not so many clients yet – its early days but distribution of vouchers needs to be expedited
Could we encourage congregations to buy treats rather than basic stuff at the moment?
Amount collected at Songs of Praise service - £188-35

Christian aid week
Agreed at last meeting to continue collections - all ministers to be encouraged to major on Christian Aid on first Sunday
Celebration at end to be discussed by Forum

What are we here for?
Discussion about role of Ministers’ meeting & Forum
The Constitution states that the Forum is the decision making body, but “Major decision-making on ecumenical activity is to be made by the normal decision-making bodies of each member church.”  
Feeling that forum should he more involved in decision making than it has been of late
Ministers’ meetings to start with 10 minute devotions and to be much less involved n decision making in the future

Dates for 2016

28 Feb – 6.30 - at All Saints - talk by Marie-Christine Nibagwire, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide  & general discussion on social justice issues . Louise Bools to be asked to create poster
April 27 - Forward  Planning – venue TBA
June  BBQ date & venue TBA (Duncan had previously offered to follow this up)
29 June – topic & venue TBA
25 September AGM & service - open to all - Methodist church  

Ministers’ meetings
9 March 12.30 lunch Methodist Church – devotions - Derek
9 May - 10.30 St Mary's vicarage – devotions - Steve
19 July - lunch - venue & devotions TBA
26 September  2pm. Baptist Church – devotions - Vicci