Duncan Macpherson chaired a ministers' meeting at 10.30 on 10 November 2015 at Hampton Methodist Church. Also present were Vicci Davidson, Pat Felstead, Ann Peterken (minuting), Jenny Snashall, Gareth Wardell and  Derek Winterburn. Apologies for absence were received from Bernard Boylan, Paul Danon, Steve Jenkins, John Latham and Krzysztof Olejnik. It was noted that St James is now without a vicar following Peter Vannozzi’s move to Highgate Their curate Jacky Cammidge receives ministers’ circulars. 

The minutes of the September meeting were agreed without change. 

Gareth suggested Marie-Christine Nibagwire as a forum speaker for next year. She is a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide who has been living in the UK since 1998, a qualified mentor and counselor of refugees, and licensed lay minister who studied at St Mellitus College.  In view of her ministry with refugees generally, the meeting agreed to invite her. Duncan wondered about also inviting Dr Tania Mathias MP in order to get the government’s perspective, but first Gareth will talk with Marie-Christine.
Action:  Gareth will ask Marie-Christine if she can come on the evening of Sunday 28 February.  

Re the refuge crisis generally, Duncan put forward the idea of our churches raising funds to support the housing for a refugee. This would take a lot of background research, effort and management. Vicci also pointed out that the launch of the new Food bank is a significant initiative and we don’t want to create any conflict of interest.

Ann mentioned a potentially helpful event at All Saints Fulham on Monday 7 December at 7.30pm that will address the refugee and asylum seeker crisis, with practical suggestions for parishes and individuals. People of all denominations are most welcome.
Action: Please spread the word and display the poster.

Paul’s draft agenda for the AGM was approved. St Mary’s Hampton will carry out any printing if they have the material by Thursday morning (12 November). 

The URC would like the Hampton Hill lighting up parade on Friday 27 November to have a greater CTAH presence. Get in the Picture had been suggested, but is not feasible for this year. There will be carol singing from about 7pm and local clergy are most welcome. They should contact Vicci, who is bringing a worship-band.
Action:  About 4 stewards are needed to encourage people to join in and hand out/collect the carol sheets (provided by Steve). All offers of help to Vicci by 21 November, so please ask your churches this coming Sunday.

Carol singing at Marling Court was agreed for 3pm on Tuesday 22 December. Vicci and Jenny will liaise.

For unity-week (18-25 January), Jenny is hosting a songs of praise at 18:30 on 17 January with Vicci playing, followed by coffee and cake. Action: Jenny will invite each church to choose a hymn. 
Action: Clergy in all member churches to consider pulpit-swapping i.e. invite a preacher from a different denomination.

Looking ahead to activities in 2016.  There is a good possibility of a forum meeting on Sunday 28 February with Marie-Christine.  The idea of a Sunday lunchtime BBQ in June was popular. Action: Duncan will enquire about possible venues. 
Discussion of Easter held for the next meeting. 
Action: Vicci will report at the AGM that Christian Aid Week has been discussed by the ministers who felt we should continue the effort, but to do it better by having more of a focus in each church at the start of the week and a celebratory event at the end.  
Action: Duncan will ask the local Catholic priests if anyone in their congregations would be willing to help with the collecting.

Reminder from Derek for ministers to reply to his Christmas service request. 

Next meeting
2pm on Tuesday 19 January at the United Reformed Church.