Vicci Davidson chaired a ministers' meeting on the afternoon of 15 September 2015 at Bethany Chapel. Also present were Pat Felstead, Steve Jenkins (host), John Latham, Krzysztof Olejnik, Ann Peterken, Jenny Snashall, Gareth Wardell, Derek Winterburn, and Paul Danon (minuting). Apologies for absence had been received from Craig Holmes and Duncan Macpherson.

The minutes of the June meeting were considered. There had been a meeting with Tina English of Embracing Age, where churches had described their provision for, and ministry to, the elderly. Steve may be able to provide Paul with Ms English's presentation for wider circulation. The meeting agreed that Gareth's nominee would be put forward as CTaH's representative on SACRE. Gareth would put his nominee in touch with Paul who could, in turn, put the nominee in touch with Mr Tom Scholes-Fogg who runs the committee.

On the matter of a food bank, Craig Holmes had written: "As a church we also support the Feltham foodbank project ‘Storehouse’, so although we’re happy to support the idea of a Hampton foodbank perhaps it’s not top of our priority list." The YMCA at the White House seemed keenly committed to starting a food bank in Hampton, and Derek would speak to Bob Kimmerling of the Vineyard and Richard James of the YMCA to find out:
  • what the churches might do to collect food in the coming weeks and months
  • whether Messrs Kimmerling and James could address the November AGM and/or meet CTaH over lunch/breakfast to discuss the project.
The URC had also generously offered to host such a service, but it was thought appropriate initially to see what the White House was doing and support that. All churches could provide volunteers as well as food. Churches would need a list of what the food banks needed. The Trussell Trust provides a specimen list on its website, but needs will vary by place; some of the poorest people needed food which did not need cooking. On the subject of poverty, the Hampton Fuel Allotments, Local Assistance Scheme and School of Industry were sources of support. A good exercise for young people might be using modern media to promote these good causes among those who may need their services.

The URC had requested a letter of support for its Place to Go project and Paul would draft one in time for the forum on the 22nd. That meeting would consist of:
  • business (mainly reports) from 19:30
  • coffee at 19:45
  • Dr Adams' talk on dementia from 20:00, followed by questions and discussion.
Derek was involved in preparations for remembrance Sunday on 8 November. Churches should liaise with him about wreaths. Vicci would lend a musical keyboard and John Latham would seek someone to play it. Max would bring public address. It was expected that Jenny, Gareth, Steve and Derek would attend. Vicci would perform the ministry of the word at the 2016 ceremony.

For the AGM on 15 November at St Mary's, Jenny would preach at the service and there would hopefully be the above-mentioned speakers to talk about the food bank. A financial report (30 copies) would be given in the customary format and elections would be held for chairman, vice-chairman (ideally a lay person if the chairman is a cleric), secretary and treasurer.

For the festive event in Hampton Hill High Street on 27 November, Vicci would bring a worship-band to lead carols sung from Steve's books. There would also be a Get in the Picture tableau vivant of the nativity outside the URC. Vicci had children's costumes and Steve would consult his congregation about their involvement. For unity-week (18-25 January), Jenny would host a songs of praise at 18:30 on 17 January with Vicci playing, followed by coffee and cake.

There was a discussion of the refugee-crisis. Churches were still formulating policy on this. Tear Fund had made suggestions on helping refugees. One suggestion was that John and Gareth might formulate eight questions on the subject for a forum-discussion. The matter will be on the agenda for the next ministers' meeting. The Methodists are holding monthly meetings for young mothers on Friday-mornings from 11. Pat will ask Marling Court if they would like a carol-service during the week commencing 14 December. The ministers will next meet at 10:30 on Tuesday 10 November at Hampton Methodist church.