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across Peterborough

posted 5 Dec 2016, 03:12 by service peterborough

Across Peterborough recently launched the Church in Peterborough website.
Here is a link to their church directory.
Also well known for their Christmas Starts With Christ campaign.

New Frontiers

posted 6 Jul 2011, 04:44 by service peterborough   [ updated 12 Feb 2013, 04:27 ]

You can search for a New Frontiers associate church group from this link.  "...It has always been our conviction that we can do more together than we can apart, and that partnership and relationship play an important role in our ever-increasing family of churches."

The Methodist group of churches

posted 30 Mar 2010, 04:49 by service peterborough   [ updated 12 Feb 2013, 04:35 ]

The Methodist "circuit", the ministers and congregations that they serve, are listed on the Methodist web site.
Search for Peterborough.  A useful map is displayed.
If the link to the individual church website is broken, don't give up, try our List of Church Websites.

Churches Together in Central Peterborough

posted 24 Feb 2010, 04:32 by service peterborough   [ updated 24 Feb 2010, 04:41 ]

Formed in 2009, this group consists of congregations based in the city centre.  The association of different Christian traditions promotes unity and prayer for the city.  The group meets typically once a week.

CROPS trust

posted 27 Jan 2010, 05:17 by service peterborough   [ updated 27 Jan 2010, 05:25 ]

The CROPS trust has a monthly youth (age 11+) meeting with contemporary Christian worship, fun and social action. For many young people this has become 'church'.
Follow this link to the CROPS web site for more ... http://crops.org.uk/thepoint/

Network Peterborough

posted 27 Jan 2010, 05:09 by service peterborough   [ updated 29 Apr 2010, 06:25 ]

If at a loss, there are churches listed within 'Network Peterborough' ;  groups of Christians that work together. Typically these are churches that already have websites and are listed within Online Groups/Churches.
Please find a link to Network Peterborough list of churches here ... networkpeterborough.org.uk/Churches_Directory
(link amended 29.4.2010 - churches-in-peterborough.org.uk)

Roman Catholic Groups/Churches

posted 27 Jan 2010, 05:02 by service peterborough   [ updated 10 Mar 2010, 05:41 ]

We note with joy the existance of Polish, Ukranian and Italian groups worshipping God in the city.  A full list with details is available from the Catholic Diocese web site link here ... http://www.catholiceastanglia.org/diocese

CofE Parish churches

posted 21 Dec 2009, 13:10 by service peterborough   [ updated 10 Mar 2010, 05:39 ]

Typically you can find a larger local congregation that serves the smaller neighbour. e.g. St Giles, Holme village is served by St Peters, Yaxley. 
You can find additional details of the CofE, Anglican, Peterborough and Ely diocese congregations using this link ... http://www.achurchnearyou.com/

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