Become a Christian

Jesus lived and when aged about 33 he died, nailed to a tree or wooden planks in the shape of a cross. That's historical fact. Not long after His death, many other ordinary people died because they refused to stop telling everyone that they had seen Jesus alive.  Jesus spent about 50 days after He rose from the dead teaching and eating with them and then He returned to heaven.  No wonder they were convinced!!  We believe that Jesus Christ is alive today, and have our own experience of His love in our lives, that's why we call ourselves Christians.  He is God's Son, He was sent by God to take the punishment - death - that you and I deserve for our mistakes, our "sin".  He rose to life and returned to heaven to be at God's right hand. 

Just ask; right now, ask Him to take your punishment, to substitute Himself for you, by dying on a cross in your place, so that you also may have forgiveness, and be accepted into heaven when you die.

Jesus Christ loves you and always will no matter what happens, no matter what your response to the above statement. He knows you better than you know yourself.

Jesus Christ is the best idea you will ever have in your life!!!!
You are not the only one.  There are many more people with the same idea as you in Peterborough.

Christians are people who have committed their life to living more and more like Jesus Christ everyday.
You need to go to an exciting Christian church to meet people who love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ and follow His example so that you can learn more about Jesus and be encouraged.
Talk (pray) to Jesus Christ on your own, then go and pray with someone at a church near you. Then read a book such as a bible, to learn more about who Jesus Christ is and what he is like.

Here is a link to one of the best truths in the bible in Arabic. You can change the language to one of your choice.