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Constitution of Churches Together in Harrogate 2012

( as agreed at the AGM 23 May 2012)


Churches Together in Harrogate (CTH).



Churches Together in Harrogate unites in pilgrimage all churches and those in association within the Town who acknowledge God's revelation in Jesus Christ, confess the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour according to the scriptures and commit themselves to one another to the Glory of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


CTH shall be associated with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI)



To emphasise our unity for which Christ prayed for through our works and deeds.


  1. CTH shall consist of representatives from each local church who are members and or in association with CTBI to promote the objects and share the work of CTH.
  2. Representatives in association are those from organisations that are recognised by CTBI.   
  3. Only those who satisfy the above will have the right to vote at the Annual Meeting.



The officers shall be a President, Past President, President Elect, an Honorary Treasurer, and an Honorary Secretary, to be elected at the Annual Meeting. 

Should there be no nominee for one or any of these positions, then acting officer(s) may be nominated for the time being.



CTH shall meet not less than three times annually. 

The Spring meeting shall be the Annual Meeting when Officers will be elected and

the accounts presented for the year ending 31st March.

Notification of the Annual Meeting will take place at least 4 weeks before the date


Each participating Church shall be asked to contribute an annual sum, to be determined from time to time, to defray the expenses of CTH.



This constitution may only be revised at the Annual Meeting, but all proposed amendments to the Constitution must be in the hands of the Secretary in sufficient time to be sent to Churches and organisations in membership four weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.

Approval will be a simple majority of those present and eligible vote as laid out under Membership

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