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*** 1/23/ 15 ***

~ Hello and Welcome! ~

  You are probably wondering what Churbbies are....well, Churbbies are mythical creatures condensed
into their purest forms using magic spells also known as 'Churbbification'.

The Churbbies in the pictures below are Churbbicorns:




The Churbbicorn is the first mythical creature to ever be Churbbified. More Churbbified
creatures as well as the story behind the process will be shown at a later time.

Churbbies Copyright By Ira John Abando 2015 ©

(^-^)* ~<3<3<3<3<3  Help bring them to life! Scroll to the bottom of the page for more info.

More history of the Churbbies, coming soon......To see more pictures on Deviant Art,  ***click here***

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Here's my Paypal. Any donation or sponsorship will be appreciated. I will also be posting this on Kickstarter.com. My
main plan is to have these little churbbicorns available for $14.99 ($19.99 at most. Shipping price not yet included) and available soon. Any help will go a long way.
If you would like to sponsor or donate via other means (mail) please contact me via my email: Liquidcrow@gmail.com.

Bitcoin donation is also possible!

Bitcoin code:  1JoTZTirvffkp6f5E6rDLUVxDdYciDUwba