Assistant Professor of Economics

National Taiwan University


Ph.D. in Economics, Duke University

M.A. in Economics, Duke University

B.B.A. in Finance, National Taiwan University

Fields of Interest

Industrial organization, applied econometrics, health economics, pricing strategy

Contact Information


Department of Economics

National Taiwan University

No 1, Sec 4, Roosevelt Rd

Taipei 10617


Curriculum Vitae

Download CV (updated Jan 2019)

Published Papers

Brand Loyalty and Learning in Pharmaceutical Demand, Academia Economic Papers, 2016, 44(3), 333-359.

Working Papers

Pricing Strategy and Moral Hazard: Copay Coupons in Pharmaceuticals. Revise and Resubmit.

Does Medicare Reimbursement Drive Up Drug Launch Prices? (with David Ridley). Revise and Resubmit.

Who Benefits from Price Transparency in Healthcare? Evidence from Medical Implants in Taiwan

Research in Progress

Competition and Newspaper Ideology: Evidence from Taiwan (with Chun-Fang Chiang and David Jinkins)

You Are What You Choose: Predicting Online Purchasing Behavior Using Clickstream Data (with Ming-Jen Lin and Ching-Lun Su)

Complementarity of Experience Goods: Movie Adaptations and Their Corresponding Books (with Pohan Fong)


National Taiwan University

Econometric Theory I (Graduate)

Market and Strategy (Undergrad & Graduate)

Statistics and Econometrics (Undergrad)

Duke University

Introduction to Econometrics (Undergrad, Summer 2013)