WANKYO CHUNG, Health Economist

Associate Professor
Department of Public Health Science
Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University
1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826



Texas A&M University, Ph.D. in Economics, Mentor Finis Welch
Seoul Natinal University, B.A. in Economics


2016-present, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public Health, Seoul National University

2016.03 Director, Hallym Institute for Future Education

2013-2015 Chairperson, Healthcare Management, Hallym University

2011-2016 Associate Professor, Healthcare Management, Hallym University 

2007-2011 Research Fellow, Dept. of Public Finance and Social Policy, KDI

2010-2011 Adjunct Professor, KDI School of Public Policy

2001-2007 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics, National University of Singapore

2004  Visiting Scholar, Centre for Labour Market Research, University of Western Australia

2000-2001 Lecturer, Department of Management, Lowry Mays College and Graduate School of Business, Texas A&M University


2017-present, 질병관리본부 예방접종전문위원회 위원 

2010-present, 한국보건경제정책학회, 학술이사, 국제이사, 편집위원 등

2014-present, 한국재정학회 이사 

2010-present, KDI Journal of Economic Policy 직무대행 편집위원장, 편집간사, 편집위원 등

2011-present, 한국보건행정학회 이사 등

2013-2016, 보건복지부 독립적 검토절차의 검토자 

2014-2016, 질병관리본부 국민건강영양조사 의료이용분과 자문위원  

2008-2016, 힌국사회보장학회 편집위원, 이사 등

2013-2014 보건복지부 미래의료원정대, 법제도분과 총괄위원

2013-present 건강보험심사평가원 정보공개심의회 위원 

2011 보건복지부 보건의료미래위원회 건강보험소위원회 위원 

2011 보건복지부 한의약육성발전심의위원회 위원  

2010 보건복지부 건강보험발전전략협의회 위원   

2002 싱가포르 인적자원부(Ministry of Manpower, Singapore) 자문    


TEACHING: Health Economics, Healthcare Industry, Evidence-based Public Health, Econometrics  
Health Economics II (Tel: 02-880-2739): 조상근, 이선정, 신한얼, 이수영, 오현주, 송치일 

RESEARCH:  Cost-effectiveness Analysis, Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes, Equity in Health and Health Care, Health Policy, Prevention, Obesity, Smoking, etc. 

Journal Publications

“Liver Cirrhosis and Cancer: Comparison of Mortality", with Dong Joon Kim et al, forthcoming in Hepatology International. 

“The Impact of Nurse Staffing on In-Hospital Mortality of Stroke Patients in Korea", with Min Sohn, Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, Jan 2018. 

“Screening for latent and active tuberculosis infection in the elderly at admission to residential care homes: a cost-effectiveness analysis in an intermediate disease burden area", with Jun Li et al., PLOS ONE, Jan 2018. 

Current status of hepatitis C virus infection and countermeasures in South Korea", with Sook-Hyang Jeong et al., Epidemiology and Health, April 2017. 

“Association of A New Measure of Obesity with Hypertension and Health-related Quality of Life", with Chun Gun Park and Ohk-Hyun Ryu, PLOS ONE, May 2016. 

“Money Transfer and Birth Weight: Evidence from the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend", with Hyungserk Ha and Beomsoo Kim, Economic Inquiry, January 2016, 54(1): pp: 576-590. 

“The Cost of Liver Disease in Korea: Methodology, Data, and Evidence", Clinical and Molecular Hepatology(2015), 21-1: pp. 14-21. 

“Is the Negative Relationship between Obesity and Bone Mineral Content Greater for the Older Women?" with Jongseok Lee and Ohk-Hyun Ryu, Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism(September 2014), 32-5: pp. 505-513.  

"Secondhad Smoking and Obesity," with Jihoon Kim, (in Korean), The Korean Journal of Health Economics and Policy, 20-3, 2014.

“The Effect of High-dose Vitamin D Supplementation on Insulin Resistance and Arterial Stiffness in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, with Ohk-Hyun Ryu et al., The Korean Journal of Internal Medicine(September 2014), 29-6: pp. 620-629. 

“Prevention and Medical Care Use," (in Korean), The Korean Journal of Health Economics and Policy, 19-1, 2013.

“Medical Expenditure at End-of-Life," (in Korean), The Korean Journal of Health Economics and Policy, 18-4, 2012.

“Sibship Size, Birth Order, and Children's Education in Developing Countries: Evidence from Bangladesh," with Dr. Cheolsung Park, Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics (June 2012), 53-1: pp.1-23. 

"Economic Resources and Child Health: An Assessment of Certain Mechanisms,” KDI Journal of Economic Policy, 32-1, 2010.

"Age criteria to define the old," (in Korean), Health Insurance & Policy, (9-2), 2010.

“Determinants of Demand for Long-term Care,” (in Korean), KDI Journal of Economic Policy, 31-1, 2009.

“Income Inequality and Health: Evidence from Indonesia” Korean Social Security Studies 24, (May 2008): 193-213.

"The Role of Medical Care in Explaining the Link between Health and Economic Resources," Asean Economic Bulletin 23 (April 2006): 42-53.

"Fringe Benefits and Inequaltiy in the Labor Market," Economic Inquiry 41 (July 2003): 517-529. 

Book Chapters and Books

“Korea's Basic Old-Age Pension and its poverty reduction effects," Social Policies in an Age of Austerity, ed. by John Karl Scholz, Hyungpyo Moon, and Sang-Hyop Lee, Edward Elgar, 2015.  

Charles E. Phelp's "Health Economics", translation into Korean with Sangho Moon, Changik Jo, and Sok Chul Hong, Sigma Press, 2013.  

"Social Protection in Korea - Current State and Challenges," Social Protection in East Asia - Current State and Challenges (ISBN 978-602-8660-28-0), ERIA Research Project Report 2009-09, 2010.

"Inequality During an Economic Crisis: Evidence from Singapore," with Dr. Mukhopadhaya Pundarik, Poverty, Poverty Alleviation, and Social Disadvantage (ISBN 81-8387-111-2), edited by C. Tisdell, 2007, Serials Publications, India

International Experiences of Regional Policy and Policy Implications for Korea, 2008 KDI International Conference Proceedings, edited by Young-Sung Koh & Wankyo Chung

Policy Papers

"나노바이오 기술산업화 지원체계 구축사업," (외부자문위원) 한국과학기술기획평가원(KISTEP) 2014 예비타당성조사 보고서, 2015.

“항암제 안전사용을 위한 임상시험 기반구축연구-경제성분석,” 식약처 용역과제, 대한항암요법연구회(KCSG)와 공동수행, 2015.

“의료연구개발에 따른 건강증진의 경제적 가치,” 김정욱, 의료산업의 효율적 산업구조와 혁신성 제고에 관한 연구, KDI 연구보고서, 2014-06, 2014.

"고위험 임산부 지원사업," (외부연구진) KDI 공공투자관리센터 2014 예비타당성조사 보고서, 2014.

"국립중앙의료원 현대화," (외부연구진) 2014년도 사업계획 적정성 검토보고서, KDI 공공투자관리센터, 2014.

“노인요양시설의 임대형민자사업(BTL) 적용에 관한 연구," (외부연구진) 복지시설의 임대형민자사업 적용에 관한 연구, KDI 공공투자관리센터 정책연구 보고서, 2013. 

"범부처 인수공통감염병 극복 기술개발사업," (외부자문위원) 한국과학기술기획평가원(KISTEP) 2012 예비타당성조사 보고서, 2013.

기초생활보장수급자지원사업군 - 의료급여,” KDI 공공투자관리센터 2012 심층평가 보고서 

기초노령연금지원사업,”  KDI 공공투자관리센터 2010 심층평가 보고서, 2011. 

고령화와 의료서비스 비용,” KDI 정책연구시리즈 2010-05 

경상대학교병원 분원 건립사업,” (연구총괄) KDI 공공투자관리센터 2010 예비타당성조사 보고서, 2010. 

전문자격사 규제개혁의 필요성과 방향,” 고영선 외, KDI Focus 2010-04 

보건의료서비스분야의 전문자격사제도,” 고영선 외, 전문자격사제도 개선방안연구, 6, KDI 연구보고서 2009-02 

예방과 예방적 의료서비스 이용의 요인분석,” KDI 정책연구시리즈 2009-05 

장기요양서비스의 수요분석,” (진양수와 공저), KDI 정책연구시리즈 2008-05 

노인장기요양보험제도의 문제점과 개선방향,”(진양수와 공저), KDI 정책포럼 2008-14

유럽지역개발정책의 사례 및 시사점,” 고영선 편, 지역개발정책의 방향과 전략, 3 (김형태와 공저), KDI 연구보고서 2008-03 


"International comparison of net value in diabetes management," invited speaker, Diabetes net value project workshop, Stanford Center at Peking University, Beijing China, March 2017 

"Economic Impact of Obesity in Korea," invited speaker, Ministry of Health, Palau & Asian Development Bank Institute(ADBI) Conference on Overweight and Obesity in Asia & the Pacific, Koror Palau, August 2016 

"Cost of Obesity in Korea: Methodology and Evidence," invited speaker, Asian Development Bank Institute(ADBI) Workshop on Overweight and Obesity in Asia & the Pacific: Facts, Prospects, Consequences and Policies, Tokyo Japan, February 2016 

"Liver Cirrhosis and Cancer: Comparison of Mortality" & "Liver Disease and Cancer: Comparison of Economic Burden," with Changik Jo, Woo Jin Chung, and Dong Joon Kim, Best Presentation Award, The Liver Week 2015, The Korean Association for the Study of the Liver, Pusan Korea, 2015

"Healthcare Industry: Trend, Challenge, and Opportunity," Baikal International Scientific-Practical Conference, Ulan-Ude, Russia, August 2015. 

"Economic Value of Increased Longevity: Experience of Korea from 1970 to 2010," invited speaker, International Conference on Taiwan's National Health Insurance and Social Welfare, Taipei, Taiwan, April 2015 

"Cost of Liver Disease in Korea: Methodology, Data, and Evidence," invited speaker, The Liver Week 2014, The Korean Association for the Study of the Liver, Jeju Korea, 2014 

"Survival Analysis," Yonsei University, 2012 Krean Society of Health Economics and Policy  

"Medical Spending at End of LifeKDI/KAEA Conference, Seoul Korea, 2012

“Money Transfer and Birth Weight: A Causal Link from Alaska,” with Dr. Beomsoo Kim,  Japan Health Economics Association, The 6th Annual Meetings, Tokyo Japan, 2011. 

“Economic Resources and Child Health: An Assessment of Certain Mechanisms,” presented at the European Conference on Health Economics, Budapest Hungary, July 2006 

“Match Quality and the Cyclical Behavior of Equilibrium Unemployment and Vacancies,” with Dr. Mau-Ting Lin, presented at the Australian Meeting of Econometric Society, Alice Springs Australia, July 2006

“Human Resource Development in the Medical Sector of Singapore” presented at the International Conference on Making Progress through Investments in People: International Perspectives on Human Resource Development in the 21st Century, Ewha Womans University, Seoul Korea, April 2006


Member of Scientific Committee & Moderator of session 7. Longevity in Asia, 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health, Seoul Korea, April 2014

Organizer, 2008 KDI International Conference on “International Experiences of Regional Policy and Policy Implications for Korea,” Seoul Korea, July 2008 

Chair, Session of Issues in Health and Environmental Economics, the HKEA/WEAI Pacific Rim Conference, Hong Kong, January 2005 

Discussant, “The Market for Teacher Quality” by Hanushek E.A., J.F. Kain, D.M O’Brien, and S.G. Rivkin, at the Ninth Annual Meetings, Society of Labor Economist, San Antonio USA., May 2004 

Discussant, “Population and Human Resource Trends and Challenges,” by Asian Development Bank, Singapore, August 2002

2016 Workshop on TreeAge Pro Advanced Markov/DES, DUKE-NUS Medical School, Singapore 

The Liver Week 2015 Best Presentation Award, Free Paper, The Korean Association for the Study of the Liver, The Korean Association of HBP Surgery, The Korean Liver Cancer Study Group, The Korean Liver Transplantation Society

Classics master, Ilsong Memorial Libray, Hallym University (2013-2016) 

5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Public Health, 2014, Best Presentation Award (Jihoon Kim and Wankyo Chung)

2009 Workshop on Indirect and Mixed Treatment Comparison Methods for Economic Decision Modelling (NECA)

Marquis Who's Who of Emerging Leaders(2006)

Marquis Who's Who in the World(2005, 2014)