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Community Growth

ACREAGE at JUNCTION 197 - CHUMUCKLA - Call 850 994 6000 to inquire 

A new development of homes, is now available for lot selection.  Chumuckla is experiencing some quality growth as young families move to the rural area for its good schools and excellent lifestyle options.

This is in FRONT OF the old Opry (Church) A mile SOUTH of the Crossroads. The JCT 197  property has lots for sale. On Byram Campbell road frontage there are one acre lots. The remaining property is open to layout for 4 to 15 acre mini-farms. Until then it is in farm production. The 197 road-frontage will be priced higher (with the existing house) for light commercial presence like a woodworking shop and a lumber mill. A nursery or similar activity is encouraged for immediate potential. 

A Family Dollar or Dollar General store is thought by many to be an ideal for some location within a mile of the crossroads at Chumuckla.  It is likely this road frontage will not go that way - rather accepting light footprint business like a nursery . Your contact is Southland Builders.