Healed of Headaches, Shoulder and Arm Neuropathy

posted Jul 12, 2013, 5:49 PM by Bruce Bell
Victoria Frelier

BEFORE DRX:  When I first consulted with Dr. Bell, I was plagued by daily headaches, along with a tingling sensation in my jaw, shoulder and down my right arm. I was unable to sleep or sit comfortably, as I was always trying to change my position to alleviate these symptoms. I have tried chiropractic, physical therapy and had been taking pain medication daily.  I was told that surgery was the only option left for me.

DURING DRX: The first few visits with the DRX offered me much relief and my headaches subsided immediately.  I no longer had the dull ache in my neck and the back of my head.  Gradually through the next few weeks of my treatment, the numbness started to fade and I no longer felt tingling down my arm.  The treatments were very relaxing and I often fell asleep during the session.  Dr. Bell and his staff were always so friendly and helpful, continuously checking in on me throughout each session.

AFTER DRX: I am happy to say that the days of my chronic headaches are gone!  I had always just resigned to the fact that I would go through my life trying to manage these headaches and I would always take pain medication.  The numbness and tingling in my shoulder has decreased dramatically and I no longer toss and turn trying to get comfortable while sleeping.  I would definitely recommend the DRX  to anyone who is a candidate for this type of therapy.  It has certainly allowed me to enjoy the activities that I used to do and not be constrained by the pain I used to feel.

Victoria Frelier: School Teacher, Chula Vista