Avoided Back Surgery

posted Jul 12, 2013, 5:52 PM by Bruce Bell

 "I’m glad I cancelled my surgery and came to see Dr. Bell."

Alex Avoided Back Surgery

“I was off work because of my severe back pain.  My pain prevented me from walking more than 15 minutes or sitting more than 20-30 minutes. I had tried physical therapy, and then 3 epidural injections with only temporary relief. My doctor recommended back surgery as my final option.  I saw the ads for the DRX in the newspaper and on TV and sent for the information.  My doctor told me that the DRX probably wouldn’t work, and I was skeptical.  But, the information Dr. Bell sent to me made sense.  So, I cancelled my back surgery and decided to try Dr. Bell’s DRX program.”

“I felt a little back muscle soreness in the beginning.  But as the treatment progressed, the pain decreased and I could feel my back getting stronger, allowing me to increase my activities.  I could feel the DRX stretch my back, but there was no pain during the treatment.”

“After my treatment I have no more back pain and it feels like I never even had a back problem.  I’m exercising, I can sit as long as I want without pain and I ride my bike 30 minutes a day.  I have more energy and can do everything around the house that I used to do.  I strongly advise anyone considering surgery to try Dr. Bell’s DRX program.  I’m glad I cancelled my surgery and came to see Dr. Bell.  If your doctor tells you that you need back surgery, check out Dr. Bell’s DRX program first!”

Alex De La Torre: Truck Driver/Handyman, San Diego, CA