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Our skilled physicians provide advanced diagnostic consultation and evaluation procedures to determine the precise cause(s) of your symptoms. Once an accurate diagnosis is obtained, treatment options are reviewed and discussed in detail.  The best treatment options for your condition (whether provided at our facility or elsewhere) will then be recommended in order to quickly relieve your pain and restore your health and normal function.

Our comfortable, state-of-the-art facility provides a wide array of technologically advanced physical medicine procedures, backed by extensive training, with over 27 years of multi-disciplinary experience, and a track record of success that are unparalleled in our community:

Extensive Medical Research Has Proven the Following Benefits of Power Plate Acceleration Training:

    • Fast Increases In Muscle Strength & Tone
    • Speeds Muscle, Nerve & Soft Tissue Recovery & Healing
    • Increases Natural Release of Growth Hormone & Multiple Tissue Growth Factors
    • Increases Bone Density
    • Increases Joint & Muscle Flexibility
    • Increases Vertical Jump Height (13% Avg.)
    • Stimulates Overall Neuromusculoskeletal Healing
    • Reduces Joint and Muscle Soreness
    • Reduces Pain Associated With Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and Plantar Fascitis
    • Accelerates Healing of Soft Tissue Injuries
    • Increases Overall Sense of Well Being
    • Low Impact
    • Fast Results
    • Shorter Workout Time
    • International Anti-Aging Machine of the Year in 2005
    • Used by Many Top Professional Athletes, Sports Teams & Celebrities (Lance Armstrong, Shaquelle O'Niel, Chargers, Raiders, (Most NFL Teams) Padres, Sting, Madonna, Claudia Schiffer, Clint Eastwood, P-Diddy, and many more every day!)

  • LifeFitness Computerized "Target Focused" Core Trainers for re-establishing intrinsic and extrinsic core muscle strength.
  • SCIFIT PRO2 Total Body Ergometer  for Safe & Highly Effective Cardiovascular and Neuromuscular fitness training.

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound for pain relief, scar tissue reduction, and expedited healing of deep connective tissues and joints.
  • Highly Skilled, Board Certified Sports Medicine, Diagnostics, Treatment, Training and Rehabilitation Programs.
  • State of the Art Diagnostics and Treatment Regimens, with 27 years of medical forensic/med-legal experience in management and treatment of Auto Accident Related Injuries.
  • TRUE Stretch Cage; The Ultimate in Flexibility Training, TRUEStretch was developed by internationally renowned physical therapist Gary Gray, and is used by  a number of top professional and collegiate teams as well as many professional athletes and their personal trainers. It is also featured at many of the top resort spas around the globe because TRUEStretch is the most effective piece of equipment available for maximizing flexibility.
  • Medically Diagnostic Static and Dynamic Surface EMG's (Electromyographic Studies to determine degrees of neurological and muscular function)
  • "Evidence Based" Nutritional & Nutriceutical Protocols for Optimal Healing, Safe & Fast Pain Relief.
  • AquaMed Computerized Therapeutic Dry HydromassageResearch has proven this wonderful treatment to have the following benefits:
    • Increased blood circulation for better homeostasis
    • Decreased muscle tension for better movement
    • Increased oxygen absorption in the blood stream for better energy
    • Decreased inflammation and muscular toxins for better injury recovery
    • Increased release of endorphins for better feeling of well-being
    • Decreased blood pressure for better circulatory health and stress relief
    • Decreased muscle guarding for better effectiveness of treatments
    • Increased muscular range of motion for better flexibility

You will find all of these advanced physical medicine modalities in one convenient location at the South Coast Spine Center of San Diego; a unique center for healing, pain relief and regeneration!  You are welcome to come in for a visit to see for yourself! Call; 619-472-2225 Today!

 Call: 619-472-2225 today to set up your complimentary diagnostic tests, and find out if you qualify for our revolutionary program of excellence in pain relief and spinal rehabilitation!

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