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With over 25 years of experience and success as a spine care specialist, Dr. Bruce Bell firmly believes in the importance of a "team approach" to health care. Having spent 14 years of his career working within an orthopedic surgical group, he has worked closely with orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, sports physicians, neurologists, pain management specialists, physiatrists, internists, acupuncturists, and physical therapists as part of a multidisciplinary health care team. With his offices conveniently located near the United States Olympic Training Center, at the heart of San Diego's South Bay in the upscale community of Otay Ranch in east Chula Vista, Dr. Bell continues to work with primary care physicians, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists in order to better meet the needs of his patients.  Dr. Bell  emphasizes the importance of maintaining and strengthening relationships with local physicians and medical specialists in order to expand the awareness of recent developments in physical and functional medicine, and to continue providing high quality, comprehensive health care to his community and surrounding areas.

His extensive participation in both competitive and recreational sports and resultant interest in sports medicine have led him to further his training and gain valuable experience in treating a wide range of athletic injuries.  He has been privileged to have been chosen by World Champion Professional Athletes and World Record Holding Olympic Athletes as their treating physician. His treatment methods have enabled them to resume competition and continue winning at national and international levels. As a Board Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician/Practitioner® and an active member of the American Academy of Spine Physicians, he also has extensive training and experience in medical forensics as a Certified Industrial Disability Examiner, and was first appointed by the State of California Industrial Medical Council as a Qualified Medical Evaluator in 1991.  His many years of experience in evaluating and treating injured athletes, workers and victims of motor vehicle accidents have also enabled him to testify in court as an expert  witness on numerous occasions.

Dr. Bell's pursuit of excellence in patient care has led him to establish a "state of the art" Nonsurgical Spine Center of Excellence, specializing in the nonsurgical treatment of severe and chronic neck and lower back pain. His primary concern is for the healing and relief of his patients through proper diagnosis, understanding, and advanced evidence based treatment methods. Blending his many years of practice in both the multidisciplinary medical  and complimentary alternative medicine environments, Dr. Bell is able to provide a unique perspective based on the most recent research, enabling him to provide comprehensive, non-invasive solutions to the complex problems faced by his patients

Our patients can always rest assured that the entire staff of the South Coast Spine Center has been well trained and are highly dedicated to helping you along your journey of rapid pain relief, and optimal health and wellness through natural, non-surgical, drugless alternatives. 

In addition to our physical medicine and rehabilitation departments, we also utilize evidence based nutritional protocols for maximum healing and pain management. We have found that our comprehensive approach makes all of the difference in patient outcomes, greatly facilitating the healing of our patients, especialy when other methods have failed.  We offer personalized, professional care, designed to restore health and peace of mind. Our standards of excellence are evident in our quality of patient care and the advanced technology found in our facility, and reflect our commitment to provide our patients the most rational nonsurgical alternatives to drugs or surgery for the treatment of debilitating back and neck pain available today. We welcome your questions and concerns, and look forward to assisting you on your journey toward a new life without pain; a new life with optimum health and wellness!

If you are looking for proven solutions to your chronic, severe lower back pain or neck pain, sciatica leg pain, or herniated disc pain, contact the offices of the South Coast Spine Center for a complimentary consultation today at: 619-472-2225.

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