Marc Gonzalez

Marc Gonzalez has been teaching for the past 6 years all of which have been at Chula Vista High School.  Mr. Gonzalez has taught Geography, World History, U.S. History, Government, Economics and is currently teaching AP U.S. History.  Mr. Gonzalez was involved in integrating an inclusion program for the 10th grade Social Science classes where he worked with integrating Special Education students into the mainstream history classes using various teaching strategies and technology to enhance his students learning. Mr. Gonzalez is the Department chair for Social Sciences at Chula Vista High and he previously was involved in the District Stratiegic Planning Committe which was created to lay out a blue print of what is needed to enhance students learning and promote education beyond high school.   Mr Gonzalez enhances student learning beyond the classroom by hosting an annual class trip to Europe (Rome, and Paris) as well as U.S trip (Boston and New York).  Mr . Gonzalez feels that the past can be read in books but with the infusion of classroom learning and real world experiences all your senses come alive and learning becomes real.  Mr. Gonzalez received his BA in Latin American History from the University of California Santa Cruz and his Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Sciece and a Credential in Special Education from Chapman University.  He is currently working on his MA in Education and his administrative credential from Chapman University. 
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