F12se.zip F12se.7z – Universal savegame editor for Fallout & Fallout2.
F12se_src.7z – CodeBlocks project for F12se with precompiled wxWidgets libraries. Easy way to compile:
2. Install CodeBlocks
3. Unpack F12se_src.7z somewhere and open project file(F2se\F2se.cbp) in CodeBlocks.
4. Select "Release Mingw" target if you installed TDM-GCC, or "Release VC" for Visual Studio. And compile.

Old editors:
F2se.zip – Fallout2 Savegame Editor.
F1se.zip – Reduced version of F2se for Fallout1. It has bug that causes interface freezing, so you should not use it.
F1se+F2se_src.zip – Source code. Requires Borland Developer Studio 2006 with TMPHexEditor component.

TooManyItemsBug.zip – Fixer for maps corrupted by "too many items" bug. If game is frozen with black screen when you try to enter some map, this is certainly "too many items" bug.