F12se.zip – Universal savegame editor for Fallout & Fallout2.
F12se_src.7z – CodeBlocks project for F12se with precompiled wxWidgets libraries. Easy way to compile:
2. Install CodeBlocks
3. Unpack F12se_src.7z somewhere and open project file(F2se\F2se.cbp) in CodeBlocks.
4. Select "Release Mingw" target if you installed TDM-GCC, or "Release VC" for Visual Studio. And compile.

F2se.zip – Fallout2 Savegame Editor.
F1se.zip – Reduced version of F2se for Fallout1.
TooManyItemsBug.zip – Fixer for maps corrupted by "too many items" bug. If game is frozen with black screen when you try to enter some map, this is certainly "too many items" bug.
F1se+F2se_src.zip – Source code. Requires Borland Developer Studio 2006 with TMPHexEditor component.