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Mike's Minis

Deadlands Cowpokes and skellies
Deadlands, More Skelies

Nivek Adventures for Slipstream
Bugs and bug people for Nivek encounters in Slipstream

A set of Bird Men for the Battle of Avia and so forth.
Pirates,  Savage Worlds Slipstream or whatnot.
The monster and tokens went further down the page in all new settings.
A squad of primals for Savage Worlds Slipstream.  This is only slightly modified from the first shot at it.
More to come as I get the gumption.  Enjoy.
Inspirations from http://www.gwindel.eu/Autre/Figs/Figurines.html and "Order of the Stick"
New improved stuff (Just some refinements of the old, mostly.) Forgot the back views and the LMs' ears though.
The crew again (Twice) with enough lion men for scene one of episode 1, Lion Mna females and some Kick Rabbits, including my excessively goony first attempt at it.
And a sheet of the counters.  Monsters are a bonus.