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Prices INCLUDE shipping. Lures are listed alphabetically by major company name, followed by miscellaneous lure makers.

Bomber - Model 400 NIB. Really nice example of a 400 in Perch. Plastic model 2-3/4" long in mint condition. Box tab dates this to Sept 1974. $32.00 shippedPIC

Bomber - Long "A" NIB. 15AXCL, 3/8 oz. shallow runner in Gainsville TX packaging. Condition MINT. $25.00 shipped. PIC

Bomber - Model 400. #6 white with black ribs. Wood lure that dates o the 1940's few pointers nice lure. $13.00 shipped first class. PIC

Bomber - Model 320 NIB. Wooden lure dating to the 1940's New in the slide-top box and earlier insert. stamped "320" on the side. Great shad color. 30.00 shipped. PIC

Bomber - Long - A Magnum. Bomber Long A magnum in Makerel finish. Condition is NIB with original insert. This is a Gainsville lure dating from September 1986 as shown by the package date code on the flap. That makes this beauty 23 years old! Collect it or make it swim. $13.00 Shipped.

Heddon - Zara Gossa, Model 9269 - RFS, Rainbow Flitter Shad, New on the card. dates to approx 1992. Lure is MINT $15.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Tiny Punkinseed, Model 380-SUN, Sunfish w/red spots, cream colored eyes and gold stenciling dates to approx. 1965. $60.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Zara Spook, Model 9255, Color BOS  New! in diamond bubble pack. $35.00 shipped. PICs

Heddon - Zara Spook, Model 9255-SS, Silver Flash New! in the last Heddon packaging from 1983-84', the diamond bubble pack. $30.00 shipped. PICS  

Heddon - Zara Spook, Model 9255-XBL, Blue shore minnow. New! in one of the last Heddon packaging from 1983-84', the diamond bubble pack. Perfect lure. $30.00 shipped. PICS   

Heddon - Zara Spook, Model 9255-XRY, Yellow Shore with 1970's Brass plate, nose line tie $60.00 shipped. PICs

Heddon - Zara Spook, Model 9255-XRS,  Silver shore. NIB victor/comptometer 1977 era. $55.00 shipped. PICS  

Heddon - Zara Spook, Model 9255-NF, Natural Frog in the last Heddon packaging circa 1984. $35.00 shipped. PICS


Heddon - Lucky 13 Junior Size BOX!, Model 2400D box for a wooden Lucky 13 junior in greenscale $40.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Midgit Digit Model 9020-SD. 1948 lure and it is brand spanking new. COmes NIB with the original catalog as found, only breathed upon. Box is stunning and crisp. You dont find complete combos Lure, box and catalog in this condition often. $80.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Sonar, Model 431, Color WGS, Luminescent in Intro-Victor/Comptometer box. $22.00 shipped.PICS

Heddon - Sonar, Model 431, Color B, NIB in MINT condition. Older1977 V/C Daisy box. $22.00 shipped.PICS

Heddon Tadpolly Model #9000 1/2 oz. class,  lures in various colors RH, YFO, XBW, L, WGS. These are New in box in a 1977 era Victor green diamond slide top box. An excellent addition to a collection. $30.00 ea. NIB!! PICS at bottom of page.

Heddon - Tiger, Model 1020-L. Perch. $35.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Tiger, Model 1020-GF. Gold Finish in EX+  $50.00 shipped. PICS 

Heddon - Torpedo, Model 364-NP. NIB daisy 70-71' era packaging. Extremely clean, $35.00 shipped.PICS

Heddon - Torpedo, Model 360-XGF. (non-cataloged color) Greenfish Shore Minnow. Good collector color, not found everywhere. Rated as "hard to find" EX+. $51.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Torpedo, Model 360-VCD. (non-cataloged) shrimp shiner scale. Hard to find. Made from 1977 - 1980. EX-. $40.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Torpedo, Model 360-BAR. (non-cataloged) Barfish color. Hard to find Mid 1960's lure. EX. $40.00 shipped.PICS

Heddon - Torpedo, Model 360-CS. (non-cataloged) Crystal Shad color. TOUGH to find Mid 1960's lure. EX. $55.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Torpedo, Model 360-CBO. Crackleback Orange color. Hard to find late 1970's lure. EX-,Slight rub on left side. $30.00 shipped.PICS

Heddon - Torpedo, Model 360-XRW. Red & White Shore. Gold-eyed lure from approx.1952 to 1961. EX+. $30.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Torpedo, Model 360-GFRBW. G-Fleck Rainbow. 1993 to current lure in EX+. $10.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Torpedo Lot, 3 Model 361's in Color BRS, NPB and XBW. XBW has Gold stenciling. All in EX condition or better. $38.00 shipped for all three. PICS

Heddon - Torpedo Lot, 2 Model 360's in Color C (clear) and L - Perch. Perch is new on the card and clear is in EX condition. Both for $12.00 shipped First class. PICS

Heddon - Teeny Torpedo Lot, A Model 355-GBB, G-Finish Gold Baby Bass and 355-BB Baby Bass. GBB is new in the bubble pack, the baby bass is EX-  Two for $28.00 shipped First class. PICS

Heddon - Super Sonic Lot, 3 Model 9385's in Color BB (Baby Bass), CD (coach dog) and yellow. All three are Heddon "Gold Classics" with Gold hooks/hardware. all are New on the card. Bubble is stapled due to lack of glue. All three $50.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Tiny Stingaree, Model 330, Color L, NIB in MINT condition. Clear top box is crystal clean and looks as if it were made yesterday. $46.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Tiny Stingaree, Model 330-XRY, Yellow Shore in absolute MINT condition, white mildew still intact in some places!. $42.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Tiny Chugger Spook, Model 9540-GYBS, Gold,Yellow with black spots. $25.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Tiny Chugger Spook, Model 335-SUC, Natural Sucker in Victor/Comptometer box. $30.00 shipped. PICS


Heddon - Tiny Chugger Spook, Model 335-XBW, Black Shore. 1950's - 1960's lure. EX Condition $25.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - SOS Minnow, Model 160-SF, Glass-eyed, early L-rigged lure in VG+/EX- condition.  Typical condition for the 1920's - 1930's lure. $45.00 shipped. PICS


Heddon - Tiny Chugger Spook, Model 335-XBW, Black Shore. EX Condition $25.00 shipped. PICS

Heddon - Hedd Hunter Model 9320-BLS. Nice 70's lure here is great shape and nice blue color with silver scale. $17.00 shipped.


Heddon - Super Sonic, Model #V9385, Very nice in a highly sought after color of Shad vibra-flash. Reference "Heddon Plastic Lures" by Russell Lewis. Pg.75. Unfished. c.1965-1970.$45.00 shipped

PAW-PAW, Model PP 9100 L, NIB Beautiful Paw Paw lure in color nearly identical to Heddon's Allen-Stripey. Lure is 2-5/8" long and is in MINT condition. Lip is marked "Paw-Paw" and is brass in color. Comes in the original box that appears to have come from a dealer box that is stamped 9100-L. Extremely nice lure for the Paw Paw collector. Pics tell the tale Those are not scratches! its the hook reflection! Its that shiney. $65.00 shipped. PICS

Southbend - Woodpecker in typical RH. Aside from one missing cup/hook this one is in Excellent shape. Needs replacement hardware, but otherwise a great example of this lure. $40.00 Shipped. PICS

Southbend - Fish-Oreno SSY, Good looking Fish-Oreno is SSY color. Lure is cup-rigged with tack eyes and red stenciling. Overall a great looking lure with light age cracks and paint missing off one eye. VG+ condition. $30.00 Shipped.

Paul Bunyan Lures. Weedless Lady Bug Diver. 5000 Y in VG+ condition. $25.00 shipped. PICS

Miscellaneous Lure manufacturers

Helin - FishCake, Introductory Dealer box with three remaining Fishcake lures. Dealer box and lures in EX condition dealer box is stamped "#7 and RYF" on the end and was marked with a marker with the same thing. The three lures are all #7 Fishcakes, one is an original #7 RYF for this box, MINT. The other two are #7 SCW in a #7 SI box MINT and a #7 FR, EX+ in a VG+ box with no lid, but still retains its original paper insert! The FR and SCW both have RED props. This one is a real keeper. $250.00 shipped. PICS

Millsite - RattleBug, Model 908 in frog color. Perfect in every way. Box crisp. $82.00 shipped. PICS 

Millsite - PaddleBug, Model No. 117 floater in frog color. Ex+ to MINT . $50.00 shipped. PICS 

Millsite - WigWag, Model "No. 108 Red with Black Spots Floater" on the label. NIce combo Ex+ to MINT . $32.00 shipped. PICS 

Pemberton - Busy Bait. Rare Pemberton lure in RH on Green. Glitter on this lure ID's it as a Busy Bait and not the Florida Flapper whish is typically confused by collectors. Beautiful EX- lure   $80.00 shipped. PICS

Van Hee Bros. - Gurgling Joe, Large Mouth Chub in Yellow/Black w red eyes Still new and in the red tube. Michigan lure from the early 1940's $45.00 shipped. SOLD

AIREX Poppit . Two nice examples of these poppits in both white and black. Lures are in EX+ condition, feathers are still fine. Lure has a small metal cap at the rear. made by the Lionel co. New York. Neat 1950's era lures. $15.00 ea. or $25.00 for both shipped. PIC

Books Bait - Brooks No 4. Nice bait with replaced skirt in RH. $25.00 shipped. PICS

Bingo Bait Co. -  Super Bingo, Model S15, New in the box and pristine. $60.00 shipped. PICS


Heddon - Flap-tail Bug Mouse, Model 720 GM. Grey Mouse complete with both suede ears and beady little eyes! Still has some frock on it and is otherwise in EX condition. Made from 1936 to 1953 this is a wooden lure measuring 1-1/4" long 1/25oz. $80.00 shipped.

L & S. MirrOLure. MM12-RH Fly-rod lure, NIB. $15.00 shipped. PICS

Arbogast - Hula-Popper, Flyrod size, New still on the vintage card. $12.00 shipped. PICS

Bagley DBK3

I believe this is a DB3 although the jury is still out on this one. Nice Bagley lure in color: HBO Lure is in ex shape with no real issues. Color is highly collectible. $30.00 shipped.

2 Rebel Mini-R's

Two Rebel Mini R's, Model F-94 still in their original boxes. These are the square lip versions with the words "Mini R and Rebel" on the lip and rattle "noisemaker". Colors on the labels are b0B and c0B
One box has the end slightly opened the other box is in ex - condition. 
Two-fer special take both for $22.00 shipped.

Smithwick "Blinker"

Good little conversation piece here.
Smithwick "Blinker" Model # B-4000 Introduced in 1977-1978 these lures were discontinued by the early 1980's, making this lure approximately 29 years old. The lure is an electronic lure with LED eyes and has a battery compartment on its underside. This one still has its original insert although the box is missing. I cannot say if this one works but appears as though it will. no issues to speak of Great shape, nice piece for the Smithwick collector.
$20.00 Shipped.

Salmo Hornets - Discontinued colors

Although NOT vintage, these lures show lots of promise. Made of high-density foam and not plastic or balsa, these lures remind me of bagley lures, with through wire construction. These lures are killers if you fish them, however I have decided to start a collection of them. I am offering some the remaining lots that I bough from Poland in three colors you wont find on Salmo USA's website. T (trout), RHH (Red head hooker) red dive lip and red hook, and GS (Grey-Silver Scale) Offering these at $8.50 shipped ea. $23.00 shipped for all three colors.

Blue-Headed Jitterbug

Very rare Blue Head Jitterbug for sale, this is the larger model 650, 5/8 oz. with the very distinct "V" style blue head and blue stenciling. This one is in absolutely MINT condition, not one flaw. Pictures say it all.

$200.00 Shipped

Florida Tackle Barracuda

Very nice Florida Tackle bait Barracuda Torpedo in shiner, Age cracks but otherwise spectacula. This is the rare version which is less round.

$95.00 shipped

 Early Rapala c.1960-1961

This is the earliest Rapala. In the Finland/English box. An 11G 4 - 3/8" Gold Minnow, NIB w/insert. The box looks MINT as if it were made yesterday with absolutely no wear/fading/tears/or blemishes. The plastic lid could be better. The insert is crisp/clean and still MINT. The Lure is perfect. Great combo for the Rapala collector.

$25.00 shipped  (Please see the "evolution of tackle page for pics of these earliest lures and Luri Rapala)