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Today's Field Finds

Four Pennsylvania Fishing license badges - 1951, 1952, 1953 & 1955
each one is authentic and highly collectible. Although southern states and earlier types are more highly sought after, these four definitely make a great addition to a collection. Was thinking about holding onto them.
Selling at $32.00 each. first come first serve.;init:.jpg

STORM on the Horizon.

If you are in touch with the pulse of lure collecting you will undoubtedly realize that Storm lures have increased in popularity amongst collectors.
Recent auction on eBay show that lures such as wiggle-warts are garnishing a routine price of 20-40 dollars and sometimes more.
Look for early Storm lures to become the next Bagley in collecting.

Old photos of Lauri Rapala and his early manufacture of Rapala lures  HERE

Lures Added
Several Lures added to the LURE section in December... More to be added soon so check back often.

Woods Postcard. Excellent find.

Pflueger Medalist #1495 DA

Excellent working order on this 50's-60's era reel.  Highly sought after Medalist reel with a reputation for durability and usefulness.  Selling at a Cool $50.00 shipped

Gallery of Pics

Shimano Lure case

Sweet Shimano lure case for minnows. Keeps the boys lined up nicely. Case is immaculate and in great condition appears to have been used very little.

 Nice case. $17.00 Shipped! PICS

Heddon Stingaree counter display

#330 "Tiny Stingaree"

I had first seen this display on Dr. Todd's website and immediately went to the ebay auction. After waiting for the clock to tick down I managed to secure this beauty for my collection. I have been trying to get the complete set of stingarees and this was an instant collection for short money in my opinion. 

I am now looking for the Model 9930 casting size Stingarees to round out the collection.


Big Head for Big money.

Got home just in time to catch the end of Tom Jacomet's Ebay auction on this Heddon "Big Head" lure, Model #9330 in Color NFL - chrome with Fluorescent red rib. The Lure sold at a whopping $418.00 and some change.

I love lures like this that sell for these astonishing prices, I probably would have missed this one in any tackle box.

The #3401 Snook Pikie Ringed Special

 See the Creek chub Lure section for the story about this rare lure