Welcome to Chuck McKinnis' and Gloria Clift's Home Page

  • We are both proud to be a part of Children of the Nations, who partners with nationals to provide holistic, Christ-centered care for orphaned and destitute children, READIteams, a Christian mission specializing in helping others to help themselves, Spirit of Martyrdom (headed by a young man who Gloria taught in Sunday school many years ago), serving the Church; the living martyrs, and witnessing Jesus Christ to Muslims, and Follow the Son Bible Clubs, bringing Christ to the children in our public schools.
  • Gloria is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Midwife in New Mexico.  She has retired from active midwifery practice and turned her practice over to her former apprentice, Denise Kielpinski.  Feel free to contact Denise at 505-891-7827.

  • Chuck is a retired IBM Systems Specialist, was the New Mexico Location Manager for SIRIUS, an IBM Premier Business Partner, and operated his own private consulting firm, Covenant Solutions.
  • In addition, Chuck has been an IBM OS/2 user for many years. Please visit his OS/2 page for a few applications and tips that you are welcome to use.

Most recent revision: 10 August 2015