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100 golden years recap

100 golden years and 3 great days are a thing of the past, but great memories will keep them alive such as an epic dance battle competition with Ricky and the golden mamas, Mr. Yolo and little Swaggy, W.A. Mozart remastered, Falco rewinded and King of the Castle (dethroned), the hammok stage, tampon beerrace in the spotlight, winning ten(!) presents at the tombola, getting covered in bronson-wear, playing tough and long games, fighting with the wasps for dinner and breakfast (not sooo great), the nice lake, the good vibes, nice people and so on, not to forget the vomit in the lost and found. By the way the lost and found pics will be online somewhat next week :D. (Don't worry there was not that much vomit in it.
This will help you memorize everything:

Thank you to all of you for having great fun with us and the warm feedback. Right now the biggest question of them all "will there be another one?" has to remain unanswered. But the next Bronsonevents will come: As every year we will be hosting our 5on5 Erntedank and our Betthupferl Winterleague. Meanwhile you know what you have to do.
Keep the Bronsonstyle up,

P.S.: Here again how it all started:
Thanks for the Support: