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2016 Game Prototype Demo

Latest Projects

Kaleido Tunnel Bunny Run

Guide Toy rabbit Joy through mesmerizing tunnel filled with glittering collectables and decor. Avoid bizarrely cute monsters and obstacles.

2.5D side scroll action shooter game.
Blast through waves of Flying saucers. Defend Military base against alien intrusion. Warp to Moon, Mars, and Alien planets.

Terror Terra
Virtual Reality Game for  Samsung Gear VR

A chaotic survival game using VR goggle to navigate and dodge incoming hazards.

Download Beta Demo

TV Media Board
Dual Display TV Media Sound Board
  • Present photos, messages, camera snapshots on HDTV while you interactive prepare content on your phone screen.
  • Trigger display of messages and sound effects interactively.
  • Requires latest Android Phone/ Tablets running Jelly Bean with MHL cable connector.


Terror Terra

TV Media Board Demo

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