Fire Trucks

Engine 241
1990 FMC Spartan
1250 GPM    750 Tank
Engine 241 is the first due unit for structure fires and can carry a crew of six.
Equipment includes five SCBA, 1000' LDH, water supply appliances, pre-connects for interior and exterior operations, foam pack, ventilation saw, Thermal Imaging Camera , Positive Pressure Fan and hand tools for structural firefighting    
1500 GPM  750 Tank

Rescue-Engine 242 is first out for all rescue alarms

Rescue-Engine 242 is equipped with Class A-B Foam, Genesis E-Draulic Rescue System, a wide-array of pneumatic, electric, battery and hand tools. LED Light Tower and Rescue Stabilization System.

242 also services as a second out Engine and has structural fire fighting tools, 1000 feet LDH hose and 5 preconnected ready hand lines

2014 Keystone Ford
1250 GPM  350 Tank  

Engine 243 is first due for vehicle fires and brush fires. 

Engine 243 is CAFS equipped and is the support unit for structure fires, rescue calls, and public service calls.  It is the "Swiss Army Knife" of our fleet.

243 has 4 SCBA, 400 feet of 5 inch, Amkus Rescue Tools, and 5 preconnected CAFS ready hand-lines.

Service 244

2000 4x4 Ford 250 Super Cab


Service 244 is first due unit for community service calls and can carry a crew of five


Firefighting equipment includes power & hand tools for brush firefighting, traffic control devices, and turbo positive pressure fan


QRS 245

2006 Dodge Durango

QRS 245 is first due for all QRS calls

Equipment includes all QRS equipment and traffic control devices