Sr. Seminar Volunteer Options

Below is a listing of sites which can help you locate volunteering opportunities. All give contact information, some ask for volunteers to contact via email, others by phone, and some have online applications to fill-in. You are not limited to using only these sites to locate opportunities, other sites and/or non-profit organizations can be used as long as they meet Sr. Seminar requirements. 



The following themes are what tie your research and volunteer experience together.

Example: Theme - Environment, Guiding Research Question: How do we balance protecting the environment with developing the energy resources we need? Volunteer Experience - Volunteer to help build/fix trails (or volunteer with a Parks Department, or U.S. Forest Service, in some other capacity.)


 LIST: Environment, Health & Medicine, Children & Youth, Homeless & Hunger, Poverty, Race & Ethnicity, Society, Seniors, Education, Housing, Disabled, Government & Politics,  Media & Technology, Justice & Legal, Animals, Emergency & Safety,  Crisis Support,  Arts & Culture,  Immigrants & Refugees, Disaster Relief, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, International, Advocacy & Human Rights



Click on Research Issues to find topics related to the themes mentioned above.

The list of issues, arranged by theme, which the world must deal with. Some issues appear under more than one theme, as they impact more than one area. These are simply hints/suggestions to help you get going. It is your responsibility to investigate deeper into the subject matter. If you have another issue in mind which does not appear on this list, discuss the idea with your Sr. Seminar teacher. Remember when researching your selected issue, focus on what foreign countries are doing to address the issue, what the U.S. government is doing and what our state is doing.




If you have trouble finding an opportunity in a certain field - broaden your search... both in miles and in interest.

You can contact other non-profits such as humane societies, shelters, crisis centers, YMCA/YWCA, senior centers, food banks, gov't agencies, etc. and inquire about opportunities with them.

            Volunteer Search Sites        

 Organization Type/Focus            Main Theme(s)
1-800-Volunteer   Search Engine                All 
Acres of Diamonds    Non-Profit Advocacy, Justice & Legal, Health & Medicine, Crisis Relief, Poverty, Homelessness, Society 
All For Good     Search Engine   All 
 Alzheimer's Association   Non-Profit: Health Medicine & Health, Advocacy, Elderly 
American Lung Association of Washington    Non-Profit: Health Medicine & Health  
 ARC of King County   Non-Profit: Developmental Disabilities Medicine & Health, Children & Youth, Housing, Advocacy, Society, Disabled 
Art Corps   Non-Profit: Arts Art & Culture, Youth & Children, Education 
Bike Works  Non-Profit: Society  Society, Education, Children & Youth, Health & Medicine, Media & Technology, Environment 
Boys & Girls Clubs  Youth Youth, Health, Arts, Education  
 Camp Casey  Non-Profit: Physically Disabled Youth Health & Medicine, Children & Youth, Advocacy, Education, Society 
 Camp Korey  Non-Profit: Youth Health Medicine & Health, Children & Youth  
 Casa Latina    Non-Profit: Immigrant Aide Race & Ethnicity, Immigration, Advocacy & Human Rights, Refugees, Education, Society 
Children's Hospital   Hospital Medicine & Health, Children & Youth   
City of Bellevue  City Government  Various 
 City of Duvall City Government  Various 
 City of Everett   City Government Various
 City of Redmond City Government  Various 
City of Seattle  City Government  Various 
 Congregations for the Homeless Non-Profit:Homeless Advocacy, Homelessness, Poverty, Society, Hunger, Children & Youth, Emergency/Crisis 
Cougar Mtn. Zoo (Issaquah)  Zoo   Animals, Advocacy, Education, Society, Environment  
Delta Society   Non-Profit: Companion, Service & Therapy Aninals Animals, Children & Youth, Advocacy, Society, Medicine & Health, Elderly, Disabled, Society, Advocacy
Do    Search Engine All 
Earthwatch  Non-Profit: Volunteer Internationally   International, Education, Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness, Children & Youth, Society, Medicine & Health, Emergency/Crisis, Race & Ethnicity, Refugees, Government & Politics
Eastside Heritage Center   Non-Profit  Education, Society
Elderhealth  Non-Profit: Senior Assistance Elderly, Advocacy, Education, Society, Disabled, Health & Medicine  
 Experience Music Project  Museum: Arts & Culture  Education, Art, Society, Media & Technology
 Farrel-McWhirter Pony Club  Non-Profit: Equestrian  Animals
Food Lifeline    Non-Profit: Hunger Relief Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, Society  
  Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center   Non-Profit: Health  Medicine & Health, Education, Art, Society, Media & Technology  
Greyhound Rescue & Adoption    Non-Profit: Dog Rescue  Animals, Advocacy, Society 
Habitat For Humanity (East King County)   Non-Profit: Housing  Homelessness/Housing, Poverty, Society   
 Hopelink   Non-Profit: Poverty & Homeless Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, Society   
 International Rescue Committee  Non-Profit: Refugee Aide  Advocacy & Human RIghts, Emergency, Refugees, Crisis Relief, Education, Homelessness, Poverty, Hunger, Race & Ethnicity   Search Engine  All
 Jubilee Women's Center Non-Profit: Women's Advocacy & Housing  Advocacy, Housing, Poverty, Homelessness, Society, Justice & Legal, Education, Health & Medicine 
 KidsQuest Museum  Museum: Children & Youth  Children & Youth, Education 
 Kindering Center  Non-Profit: Special Needs Youth Assistamce Children & Youth, Health & Medicine, Education, Advocacy, Society, Disabled 
 King County Government County Gov't/Search Engine   All
King County Red Cross   Non-Profit: Crisis Relief  Medical & Health, Disaster Relief, International 
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society    Non-Profit: Health   Medicine & Health 
List of Shelters & Rescues   Non-Profits: Animal Rescue & Shelters  Animals, Advocacy, Society 
 Little Bit Equestrian Therapy  Non-Profit: Equestrian & Child Health  Animals (esp. equestrian), Children & Youth, Advocacy, Society, Medicine & Health  
 Madison Grove Farm in Fall City Non-Profit: Equestrian and Youth Outreach   Animals, Children & Youth, Disabled, Society, Health & Medicine, Poverty
Make-A-Wish Foundation  Non-Profit: Child Health  Medicine & Health, Children & Youth, Advocacy, Society, Crisis Assistance 
Mamma's Hands   Non-Profit: Homelessness Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, Society, Advocacy 
 Miracle League of Monroe   Non-Profit: Special Needs Youth Children & Youth, Disabled, Advocacy, Society, Medicine & Health 
Mountains to Sound Greenway    Non-Profit: Environment Environment 
Nature Consortium   Non-Profit: Environment, Arts, Education  Children & Youth, Art & Culture, Education, Society, Environment 
 Navy-Marine Corps Relief Services Non-Profit: Military Family Assistance  Health & Medicine, Society, Disabled, Government & Politics, Crisis Support 
Network For Good   Search Engine   All 
 Northwest Harvest   Non-Profit: Hunger Relief  Poverty, Homelessness & Hunger, Advocacy, Disabled
 NW Hospital & Medical Center (UW Medicine)  Hospital Medicine & Health 
One Brick    Flexible connection to multiple opportunities All
 Operation: Sack Lunch Non-Profit: Hunger  Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness, Advocacy, Society, Children & Youth 
Overlake Hospital    Hospital   Medicine & Health
Pacific Science Center   Museum Education, Children & Youth, Society 
Phoenix Rising Sanctuary    Non-Profit: Youth Health & Equestrian Animals, Children & Youth, Advocacy, Society, Medicine & Health 
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium    Zoo & Aquarium Animals, Advocacy, Education, Society  
 PROVAIL Non-Profit: Disabilities  Health & Medicine, Disabled, Advocacy, Society, Children & Youth 
 Rebuilding Together   Housing rebuild/repair for low income elderly, disabled or families with kids  Housing, Elderly, Society, Poverty, Disabled, Advocacy  
 Redmond Senior Center Elderly    Elderly, Health & Medicine, Advocacy, Society
Ronald McDonald House (Seattle)  Non-Profit: Youth Health  Medicine & Health, Children & Youth  
 Ruth Dykeman Children's Center Non-Profit: Youth  Children & Youth, Education, Advocacy, Society, Health & Medicine, Environment, Media & Technology 
 Salvation Army   Non-Profit: Poverty Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, Advocacy, Society  
 Seattle Aquarium  Aquarium Animals, Advocacy, Children & Youth, Education, Society, Environment  
Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Asian Art Museum, and Olympic Sculpture Park   Museums: Arts & Culture Art & Culture, Education, Society, Race & Ethnicity  
Seattle Bug Safari   Museum: Animals  Animals, Advocacy, Education 
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance  Non-Profit: Health  Medicine & Health  
Seattle Children's Museum  Museum: Child Education  Education, Children & Youth, Society  
 Seattle Explorers  City Government  Justice & Legal 
 Seattle Tilth    Non-Profit: Environmental Education Environment, Education, Children 
 Seattle Works Search Engine   All 
 Service Nation   Search Engine  All 
 Sno-Valley Senior Center Elderly   Elderly, Health & Medicine, Advocacy, Society
 Solid Ground    Non-Profit: Poverty Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, Society   
 Special Olympics   Non-Profit: Special Needs Medicine & Health, Children & Youth, Advocacy, Society  
 Stand Up For Kids Non-Profit: Youth Homelessness  Children & Youth, Homelessness, Poverty, Hunger, Advocacy, Society, Medicine & Health, Media & Technology
Starlight Children's Foundation   Non-Profit: Youth Health, Education  Medicine & Health, Children & Youth, Education   
 Sweat Monkey Search Engine   All
Swedish Medical Center    Hospital Medicine & Health 
Treehouse    Non-Profit: Foster child assistrance Children & Youth, Advocacy, Society, Education, Poverty 
 Union Gospel Mission  Non-Profit: Homelessness  Homelessness, Hunger, Poverty, Society  
United Way of King County    Search Engine    All
US Fish & Wildlife Service  Federal Government  Environment 
 USA Freedom Corps  Search Engine    All
 UW Medicine (includes Harborview Hospital & Issaquah)    Hospitals  Medicine & Health
 Veterans Affairs - Puget Sound Federal Government/Hospital  Health & Medicine, Society, Advocacy, Veterans, Government & Politics, Disabled 
Virginia Mason Medical Center   Hospital  Medicine & Health   Search Engine   All 
 Volunteer Match  Search Engine  All 
 Volunteer Solutions Search Engine   All 
Washington Blood Banks    Non-Profit: Health  Medicine & Health
 Washington Park Arboretum Non-Profit: Environment  Environment, Education 
 Washington State Parks    State Government Environment 
Wing Luke Asian Museum    Museum: Art & Culture  Education, Society, Race & Ethnicity, Immigration, Advocacy & Human Rights, Refugees  
 Woodland Park Zoo  Zoo Animals, Advocacy, Education, Society 
WSU Beach Watchers  Non-Profit Environment, Education, Advocacy
The YMCA   Non-Profit Education, Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness, Children & Youth, Society, Medicine & Health, Emergency/Crisis, Government & Politics 
Youth Volunteer Corps  Search Engine   All
The YWCA  Non-Profit  Education, Hunger, Poverty, Homelessness, Children & Youth, Society, Medicine & Health, Emergency/Crisis, Government & Politics