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The following pages in this site contain both published and non-published items written exclusively by Carol Henrichs, an Ozarks writer. 

This site, which includes the pages listed in the sidebar at left, is designed to provide writing examples, as well as to enhance Henrichs' own website at: http://ozarkattitude.com Visit her website to view a wealth of other online activities. 

Feel free to connect with Henrichs via links to Facebook and Twitter. There are also links to blogs that showcase a wide array of interests. 

Whether you oppose the proposed Peotone Airport, detailed on a page on this site, or you like to quilt, garden, or enjoy a lively discussion about NASCAR or myriad other topics, Henrichs has it covered in one of her blogs. Sign up for an RSS feed, subscribe via email, or become a follower. Don't miss a post on a topic that interests you.

Not only am I a writer, but I consider myself more to be a communicator, so feel free to leave a comment.

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