Grant Proposal

Three different grant proposals are in the works:
*Grant for purchasing multiple power supplies, more K'NEX, polymer, and all other necessary materials so that electrospinning can be a reality in my classroom for years to come. With the ability to electrospin at my and my students' fingertips, production of nanofibers and resulting authentic research.
*Purchasing of multiple microscope cameras and microscope image analysis software. My science department lacks this equipment. The equipment is essential to the success of the algae microfluidics experiment since one has to look at algae over time and be able to compare images over time.
*Grant for field trip funds so that we can easily travel from Sun Valley in Aston to Drexel, Penn, the Monell Institute, and Coriell Institute (Camden) to directly engage in research happening in our classroom and see what other scientists in the vicinity are doing.   

Above are my RET Nano research colleagues with their newly built K'NEX electrospinners. (I am the one donning it as a thinking cap.)