Transcript Request Form 
For Students Currently Enrolled at Cloverleaf High School

Cloverleaf High School

Transcript Request Form  


__________    Date this form is received in the high school guidance office

__________    Date the transcript is due at the college/university

__________    Date the transcript was sent from Cloverleaf High School



Student’s Name:




College/University or Scholarship Name:




College/University Mailing Address:







Please indicate the completed portions:

_____  Application submitted on-line

_____  Application fee paid on-line

_____  Paper application attached

_____  Application fee (check or money order) attached, if applicable

_____  College prep form attached, if applicable

_____  Counselor report form attached, if applicable

_____  Recommendation letter attached, if applicable

_____  $1 processing fee paid to guidance office



Student’s Signature: