New Runners/Parents
 It is my hope that this page will provide new runners and parents (as well as those with experience) with valuable info to help their running flourish.


Becoming a part of the team

-All 4 of these steps need to be completed before a running is allowed to be a part of the team.

1.  Get a physical

2.  Participation fees will be $125.00 per sport per season.
                              $100.00 for 2nd athlete from same family during same season.                                   
                                Family limit for year-$450
                               Participation Fee must be paid before tryouts begin-
                               but will be refunded if an Athlete is not selected for a team

3.  Have student-athlete and parent sign both forms at the back of the athletic code of conduct (parent permission and picture permission form)

4.  Both parent and runner fill out Concussion form.

Turn all of these into Mrs. Kaechele in the athletic office (or to the main office during summer hours) and she will fill out a pink card for you that she will give to me, showing that you are eligible to start cross country at the start of the season.

How Much Does This All Cost?

If money is an issue, please contact me and we will find a way for your daughter to be on the team.  We do not want to turn anyone down because of cost.  Cross Country is a relatively inexpensive sport, but I would still like to be up front with the costs so that there aren't surprises along the way.

  • $125- Participation Fee
  • $50-$100 Running shoes, these should last around 500 miles


  • $50- Team Camp (this price would normally be much higher, but the Kilt Klassic helps offset the costs)
  • $20- Team Sweatshirt (These can be checked out or you can buy them.  We plan on continuing to use the same ones every year, so you would only buy them once)
  • $10- Senior Shirt (the seniors come up with a team shirt, in addition to the one that everyone gets for going to camp)
  • $10- Team Shirt (If they go to camp, they will get this as part of their camp expense already)
  • $25-$50 Running watch that has a memory recall for recording splits (If money is an issue there may be an option to check a watch or for the season.)


The most important piece of equipment for all runners is a  good pair of running shoes.  This is your foundation, and unfortunately many injuries can be traced back to shoes that are not made for running, don’t fit the athletes foot correctly, or are just to old and need to be replaced.  I recommend that you go to a specific running store to purchase your running shoes, or at least to get ideas.  You will probably be able to find a pair for $50-$80.  Gazelle’s and Striders are both local running stores you can use.  If you let them know that you are a high school runner they may take some time to look at your feet and decide what is best for you.  Many times these stores have a small discount for high school runners as well so be sure to let them know.  The coolest pair of shoes with the best colors may be what you want, but it isn’t what you may need.  It is also good to make sure that you use your running shoes just for running.  It is best to replace your running shoes every 350-550 miles so make sure to note in your running log when you purchased them so that you can keep track of this.  Once you have reached the mileage on your shoes  get a new pair for running and turn the old pair into the pair that you use for walking around, going to school, etc.  They still work and may look just fine, but not for your training.



Talk to me about getting a watch if you are able.  I can give you links to a number of good options.  You need to get one that has memory recall.

Once you have a pair of running shoes, you need to get a watch!  Look for a watch that can take splits and can record your splits with a memory recall.  This gives you the ability to keep a record of your whole run or all of your interval times to be recorded once you get to your running log.  There are some situations where running without a watch can be good, but for the most part you should have it on at all times.  Sometimes to make sure you are running fast enough, and other times to make sure you are keeping your pace slow enough.  Running without a watch is like playing basketball, tennis, with a make believe ball.  You can take as many shots as you want but you really don't know if they are going in or not.  The same is true with running. You may think you are working hard but the watch tells the truth.  The watch doesn’t lie.



How the meets are scored-  In cross country teams are trying to score a low number of points in order to win the meet.  The varsity team consists of the top 7 runners from a team in a race.  The top 5 of those 7 will be used in determining the team’s score.  The place that the runner comes in will correlate to the point score that is earned for the team.  Therefore if the first five runners took 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 place, the team would score 15 points,  the lowest possible score, which is all of their places added together.  Why have a 6th and 7th runner?  If two teams have an equal score through their first 5 runners then the 6th runner from each team will be added to each school to see which school has the lowest score.  Also, a team may put their 6th and 7th runners ahead of another schools 3rd, 4th, or 5th runner.  This doesn’t improve their teams score but can lower the other team’s score thereby giving their team a better shot at winning



·        ALWAYS tell someone where you are going for your run and when you plan on returning. 

·        If possible run with a partner

·        Run during daylight hours

·        Run on the left side of the road (and always be ready to jump into the ditch.)

·        Run single file when a car passes (and always be ready to jump into the ditch.)



 It is essential that you understand the rules with uniforms.  They may seem silly and ridiculous at times but you need to follow them or else you will find yourself disqualified.  Shorts should be unrolled and shirt tucked in to start the race.  If you want to wear anything underneath your uniform it MUST be solid color white on top and solid black on the bottom.  You cannot have any stitching that doesn't match the white on top and black on bottom.  Each undergarment can only display ONE logo (two logos = disqualification).  When in doubt ask the official.


Attendance Policy

Cool Down

In our sport we cool down as a team when we finish a race.  We do this for two reasons.  First of all, physically, this is essential in the recovery of your body after a tough race, and secondly this is important because it is a time for the team to reflect and share success and struggles that they experiences during the race.  This is a team activity and done in groups of 5-10 or sometimes as a whole team.  Running from the finish line to your car and leaving the team sends the message to everyone else that you are not placing the team first.  


Varsity Letter

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