Technology & Grading

Technology Policy:

*  Cell phones and iPods/mp3 players must remain out of sight during class instruction and work time, unless otherwise specified by the teacher.
*  Personal or school-issued laptops or other computing devices are welcome in my classroom, with certain limitations. Feel free to use these tools to take notes or for other activities as instructed. During direct instruction, student presentations, or group work, laptop lids must be closed.
*  Online translators such as Google translate are not reliable. While there are some good online resources, my rule of thumb is: use your brain before the internet. We will discuss how to use online resources as an aid, not a replacement, to critical thinking and language mastery. Use of online translators to complete assignments will be considered academic dishonesty. Students will be required to redo the assignment in the presence of a language teacher to confirm that the work is produced by the student alone.

Missing Work, Late Work and Retake Policy:

*  Missing work will result in an automatic zero until the work is turned in.

*  Late Work: is accepted (for full credit) until the day of the Unit Exam.

* Late Work Limits: While I do accept late work, there are some limits. If I have already passed back

corrected work to other students, my requirement is that you must complete the work in my presence (or that of another teacher). This minimizes the temptation to use another student’s corrected homework. You may do so before school, or after school.

·* Meaningful Work Clause:.If you are missing any work prior to the Unit exam, but score an 80% (B-) or above on the assesent unit, I will exempt you from the missing work . (The zeros will still show in my gradebook but will not count towards the final grade). If, however, you do not score at least 80% on the unit exam, you will have to complete and turn in any and all missing assignments prior to scheduling a tutoting session & or a retake. The missing work will be graded for 50% of the original value of the work, and entered in my grade book after the re-take.

* Test and Quiz Retakes: The learning of a language is an on-going process, and as such, it sometimes takes individuals extra time and practice to master a concept. If you receive a 80% or less on a test or quiz and would like to retake, you may complete two of the following learning activities before


o Make flash cards and/or verb charts.

o Make test corrections.

o Complete extra practice, assigned by the teacher.

o Tutor with Madame or another approved teacher or student.