Clintwood High School Class of 1983 
Senior Superlatives


Joe Lyle and Karen Mullins
Mr. and Miss C.H.S
Best All Around
Most Popular 

Martha Short and Dan Taylor
Most Studious and
Most Likely to Succeed

Chris Fleming and Kim Boggs Fleming
Best Looking 

Karen Mullins and Kevin Triplett
Most School Spirited

Gary Large and Tammy Mullins

Paula Wallen and Darrin Sutherland
Most Pessimistic

Lisa M. Mullins and Ivan Fleming
Biggest Clowns

Lisa Rose and Howard Robinson

Most Athletic

Pamela Branham and Roderick Mullins
Most Talented

Cora June Fleming and Binky Standifur
Best Dressed

David Vanover and Lisa Rose

Best Sport



Jennifer Stanley and
Howard Robinson
Most Optimistic




Tammy Kendrick and Chris Fleming


Lisa Mae Mullins and Gary Large
Biggest Flirt