Taylor Field Stadium Project

Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field

An opportunity to help make future memories today

Gene Hansen established a pattern of many hands making light work and the high standards of the facility that bears his name.

Now this landmark needs everyone’s help in rebuilding its infrastructure so future generations can enjoy the baseball games of the Corvallis American Legion team as well as other youth leagues.

Join your friends and community as we come together to bring back Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field for everyone to use and enjoy.

How you can help Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field


· In recognition of each $1000.00 donation a name plate will placed on a stadium seat.

· A donation of $300.00 will be recognized with a name plate on a bleacher seat.

· Donations of $100.00 will be recognized with a name plate on a brick inserted around the stadium.

· Donate an amount of money with which you are comfortable.


All donations are tax deductible and will help fulfill our goal of an 800-seat stadium, a permanent storage structure, upgrading the concession stand, and a player clubhouse. Please click on the Donation Form for instructions and form to print.

Donation Form


Rendition of the future Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field. (2009, DEVCO) 
Checks payable to American Legion Baseball and mail to: 

American Legion Baseball
Elaine Markley
3339 SW Long Ave.
Corvallis, OR. 97333 

For more information please contact: 
Eric Dazey (Corvallis High baseball) at 541-760-7643 or email eric.dazey@corvallis.k12.or.us
Kirk Myrold (American Legion baseball) at 541-207-4208 or email kirk.myrold@corvallis.k12.or.us

2009 American Legion State Champions, Corvallis Richey’s Market.


The History of Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field

 Home to American Legion Baseball for over 60 years

From the ballpark’s earliest days in the mid-1940s, the citizens of Corvallis and the surrounding area have given of their time, talents, and money to turn a forlorn field into a facility that has hosted State, Regional, and National tournaments. For more than 60 years Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field has provided a stage for young people to “keep the rules, keep faith with their teammates, keep their temper, keep themselves fit, keep a stout heart in defeat and their pride under in victory, and keep a sound soul, clean mind and a healthy body.” Fans of all ages have been drawn to the field, making it a gathering spot for the whole community.

Fans have watched proudly as 6 State Champion teams (1970, 1977, 1978, 1990, 2003, and 2009) and 3 Regional Champion teams (1978, 1990, and 2003) have graced the ball field. Perhaps the proudest moment the field has seen was in 1990 as the hometown Richey’s Market team won the State and Regional Championships, making it the fifth-ever American Legion club to qualify for a World Series on its home field. On the diamond hundreds of players have begun their path to collegiate and professional baseball careers, some notable alumni include: Kevin Gregg, Don Reynolds, Harold Reynolds, Dave Roberts, Mike Thurman, Jim Wilson and Dan Williams as a coach.

As each step forward in improving the ballpark was taken, area residents responded by participating in fundraising events, donating materials or contributing labor to make the new vision a reality. The same spirit of community pride and effort will result in a Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field that takes its reputation of an outstanding facility to new levels. As we focus on a new chapter in the history of Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field we look back at some of the highlights of the ball field’s development.

 Field insignia for the 2004 American Legion World Series, hosted in Corvallis.


1948 - Community members raise money to install lights so that local boys softball teams can play evening games. Grass is planted.

1949 - Locals begin to call the area, “the Taylor field.” A backstop is installed during spring break. April 15, CHS plays the first ever baseball game at “the Taylor field”, scoring two runs in the seventh inning to beat Springfield 4-3.

1953 - A more sophisticated lighting system is installed, allowing for night games - the community fundraising started back in 1950.

1977 - The first fully-electronic scoreboard is placed beyond the first base bleachers, purchased by the parents of the ‘76 Legion team.

1980 - A new lighting system with concrete standards and higher-intensity fixtures is finished, financed with community fundraising.
Gene Hansen, the long time General Manager of the American Legion baseball team. 1983.

1983 - Work begins on press box and concession stand (see above).

1985 - Grandstands - built by community labor and money - behind home plate and down the first base line are ready for the spring season. The third base grandstands are complete in June.

1990 - With the American Legion World Series to be played at Taylor Field, major field renovations are completed. Decks are added to each side of the press box.

1996 - A new inning-by-inning scoreboard is installed in right-centerfield for the summer’s American Legion State Tournament.

2001 - August 8, Gene and Helen Hansen are honored with the re-naming of the facility, Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field. The Hansens spearheaded the growth of the program and improvements to the ballpark since 1946.

2004 - The American Legion World Series returns to Corvallis. While preparing the field, Gene suffered a fatal heart attack; his memorial is held at Hansen Stadium at Taylor Field. Hundreds share in his legacy. A new backstop of nylon netting is installed for better fan viewing.

2009 - The wooden grandstands are deemed unsafe and torn down. A community push toward rebuilding the stadium begins.

2010 - In-ground dugouts are removed, new dugouts started.


For more information please contact:

Eric Dazey (Corvallis High baseball) at 541-760-7643 or email eric.dazey@corvallis.k12.or.us


Kirk Myrold (American Legion baseball) at 541-207-4208 or email kirk.myrold@corvallis.k12.or.us

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